Paintball Ready: The Ultimate Guide For the Perfect Outfit

What To Wear To Play Paintball

Getting hit with a paintball on your bare skin can leave some pretty gnarly battle wounds, which is apparent if you’ve ever watched or participated in a game. It’s not uncommon for players to walk away with large red whelps that turn to deep black and blue bruises just days later. While there’s no way to completely protect yourself from an incoming paintball (unless you remain hidden behind cover), you can reduce the pain of impact by wearing the right clothes and gear.

Let me first start off by saying that the only essential piece of wearable gear for paintball is a pair of goggles or a mask. Most paintball venues have strict laws in place requiring players to wear eye protection. Even if the venue doesn’t have this rule, though, you should always wear goggles or a mask to protect your eyes. A paintball hit to the eye can result in serious injury, including permanent vision loss.

What To Wear To Play Paintball: Full Body Protection

What to wear for Face and Head Protection

We should always begin our protection with the head and face. Masks, also known as goggles or helmets, are created to cover your whole countenance from ear-to-ear and chin-to forehead securely. The masks utilize a polycarbonate lens which is trustworthy enough to resist even a paintball shot while still adhering to ASTM standards of eye protection.

Most masks shield only from face to ears, but there are full-head masks available too. Thankfully you rarely need the latter since most people aren’t shooting down at you—the risk of being hit in the top of your head is elevated when looking down as a paintball approaches!

Although it may feel a bit unpleasant when shooting at the top of one’s head, most players just want to avoid having paint in their hair.

For those players who are concerned about their entire head being covered, an easy solution is to simply wear a baseball cap backwards. This not only keeps the bill of the hat from interfering with the mask but additionally gives additional coverage for the top of your scalp. Another popular option amongst tournament-style paintballers is sporting a sandana—which provides even greater protection while remaining comfortable and breathable.

The sandana is an ideal accessory for paintballers, featuring a padded headband and netting that covers the top of your head. Whether you opt for tying or velcro attachments, these accessories are easily obtainable from most online paintball stores.

What to wear for Face and Head Protection

What to wear for upper body protection in a Paintball Game

Protecting your upper body is essential for paintball players, as it guards against pain and injury caused by the force of a paintball. To ensure complete protection, many choose to wear protective jerseys or specialized vests.

Paintball jerseys are carefully designed with the athlete in mind; they are crafted from a lightweight and breathable material, such as mesh or nylon for maximum flexibility. Moreover, most paintball jerseys include strategically placed padding around the chest, back and arms to protect players from direct hits on the field. Additional padding is also added onto shoulders, elbows and forearms for extra cushioning that help absorb impacts of any kind during gameplay.

For optimum upper body protection while playing paintball, specialized protective vests are a great option. Crafted from breathable and resilient materials, these vests have reinforced padding on the chest, back and arms to offer maximum coverage. Furthermore, they come with adjustable straps for an exact fit that won’t slip off during intense gameplay. Many of them even boast additional pockets for extra paintballs or other accessories so you’re always prepared!

To safeguard yourself while playing paintball, it’s essential to don protective gear that is tailored for the sport. Standard clothing such as t-shirts and coats may not be thick enough to withstand the force of a paintball – so make sure you wear proper fitting gear! Not only will this keep you comfortable during your game but also ensure that your body has adequate protection against any potential impacts.

A critical factor in paintball upper body protection is the fabric and quality of your gear. Go for equipment created from enduring yet airy fabrics, like mesh or nylon, and make certain that it has strengthened padding at potential target spots. Quality gear will also include robust stitching to stand up to the game’s demands. The more premium quality materials used translate into greater protection during gameplay; so invest carefully!

Chest protectors are highly recommended as they offer additional protection to your vital organs and effectively absorb the shock of paintball hits.

What to wear for upper body protection in a Paintball Game

What to wear for lower body protection

Whether indoors or outdoors, it is important to wear long pants in order to stay safe from paintball strikes and the environment’s potentially hazardous elements. An extra layer of clothing can make all the difference when protecting yourself.

When traversing the outdoors, you may inevitably be exposed to various hazards—from brush that can tear at your skin, to pesky insects or tics. It is important then to protect yourself by donning protective clothing when heading out into an outdoor field.

What to wear for lower body protection

Protection for your hands

Your hands are prone to be hit in a gunfight. When you’re tucked behind an object, it’s not unusual to reveal your head and the firearm itself as you attempt to find and fire at your adversary. With opposing shots coming through the air, it is most likely that either the mask or weapon—or worse yet, the hand holding the pistol—will take the hit.

Hand shots are arguably the most agonizing since you don’t have much padding there. A shot to the knuckle can be truly unbearable! Fortunately, many paintball enthusiasts opt for gloves as a form of protection. However, it is important that they choose specialised ones so that their hands remain mobile when squeezing and pulling triggers.

Paintball gloves are similar to weight lifters’ gloves, but with a rubber backing that provides protection for the back of the hand and up through the first knuckle. This unique design cushions against impacts associated with paintballing, allowing players maximum comfort while they play.

Protection for your hands

Footwear to wear for paintball

For the average outdoor activity, any form of comfortable shoes such as running shoes or sneakers will do. However, if you’re in a more rugged environment with uneven terrain and surfaces, investing in some hiking boots to provide additional ankle support would be your best bet.

If you want to play paintball, remember that most fields do not allow open-toe footwear, so sandals are off the table.

Do paintballs wash out of clothes?

Have you ever pondered ‘Does paintball paint wash out?’ The answer is an unequivocal “Yes!” Paintballs are water-soluble, non-toxic and can be removed from your clothing in a regular washing cycle. Additionally, any evidence of the game on your skin or hair will vanish with one shower! Furthermore, since the products used are hypoallergenic there won’t be any nasty surprises after taking a hit apart from some possible marks if it was direct contact.

Paintballs wash out of clothes

Clothing Tips to Consider for Playing Paintball

Now that you have the foundation for what to wear during paintballing, let’s explore some additional tips so that you can ensure you are dressed in optimal paintball attire.

Dress for the Weather

When choosing clothes for a paintball game, consider the temperature and weather. If it’s a hot summer day, you’ll probably want to stick with lighter garments that allow you to “breathe.” A long-sleeved, all-cotton shirt with a pair of military-style cargo pants is an excellent choice. It won’t make a huge difference in the paintball’s impact, but it will keep you comfortable and mobile, which is far more important than trying to soften the blow of shots.

On the other hand, dressing in multiple layers is preferable for the cooler winter days. This may include a long-sleeved shirt worn over a t-shirt, as well as a pair of long-johns and cargo pants. Depending on just cold it is, you may also want to wear a light jacket for added warmth and protection. Remember, you can always strip layers off as the day warms.

Dress for the Weather in a Paintball Game

Wear Old Clothing

Given that you will be crawling, kneeling and possibly even diving during a game of paintball, it is important to wear clothes that can handle some damage. The majority of paintballs on the market are filled with a water-soluble dye which comes off easily after washing, but more budget options may lead to staining. To ensure your apparel remains unscathed from battle, opt for something old or replaceable! If you’re concerned about staining your garments, you can bring a spot remover with you, but be sure to wash them quickly after returning home and don’t leave them out in the sun for too long. With that simple precaution, there’s no need to worry!

Stick to Dark Colors

When participating in woodsball, light-colored clothing makes you an easy target and is more susceptible to stains. While this might not be a huge concern for speedball players, it’s best to opt for dark or camo attire when playing woodsball if you want to reduce your chances of being noticed by opponents.

Dark Colors Camouflage Clothing

Extra Protection Can Be Used

While getting hit by a paintball can be quite painful and leave you with nasty bruises, there are ways to reduce or even eliminate this pain. For example, wearing extra protection such as chest protectors, neck protectors, elbow/forearm pads, knee/shin pads and a cup or slide shorts will offer some relief from the impacts of paintballs. Additionally adding a headwrap or headband may help stop direct hits to your head while still maintaining comfort – though donning common baseball cap should do just fine too!

Bring Spare Clothes

Before you head off to the paintball field, make sure to pack a spare set of clothes or a towel. Trust me — when you’re done with your game, you’ll be covered in dirt and splatters of colorful paints! Some people even take it up a notch by covering their car seats with old bedsheets just so they don’t have to worry about cleaning their vehicle afterward.

Extra Protection for the Paintball Game

How To Choose A Paintball Mask?

Before purchasing a paintball mask, make sure to try on various sizes and shapes so you can find one that fits snugly yet comfortably. It’s essential for the mask to have a secure fit around your eyes and mouth to ensure that it provides adequate protection from unexpected shots.

To ensure your mask provides optimal protection, check for adequate ventilation and anti-fog technology. Opt for a thermal or anti-fog lens to guarantee clear vision throughout the game. Finally, make certain that the mask meets safety standards for paintball and follows any rules set by the field you will be playing on.

Not only should you consider the fit and comfort of a mask, but also its level of protection. Opt for one that provides coverage from your ears to the back of your head. Additionally, seek out masks with extra cushioning or strengthening on areas like the forehead and cheeks to ensure enhanced security.

When selecting a paintball mask, it is critical to consider visibility. Opting for the one with a low profile design will provide you with an unrivaled field of view that gives you the ability to survey your opponents and environment clearly – giving you an edge on the playing field!

To ensure your safety during the game, make sure you look for one that is manufactured with superior quality materials and can withstand the impact of paintballs. If you plan on playing frequently, this should be at the top of your list when choosing a mask!

Ultimately, it is also critical to think through the lens type. Some people favor a single pane lens while others go with dual pane lenses due to their additional robustness and fog resistance. It should be noted that single-pane lenses are lighter yet less durable than double-paned ones.

Choosing A Paintball Mask?

How To Maintain The Paintball Gear And Clothing For The Long Term

To guarantee that your paintball gear and apparel lasts for a long time, it is vital to maintain them regularly. Here are some helpful pointers on how you can take care of your paintball equipment:

Above all else, always clean your paintball equipment after each session. A damp cloth is ideal for wiping down the gun, goggles and clothing to wipe away any dirt or paint residue. Pay special attention to crevices and other tight spots; accumulated grime can cause long-term damage if not removed promptly!

Subsequently, it is essential to store your gear appropriately. Keep goggles and attire in a dry, cool place for the best results.

It is crucial to routinely inspect all your paintball gear for any signs of deterioration or damage. Check your gun, goggles and clothing thoroughly for cracks, leaks or any other defect that you may find. If there are issues present with them, be sure to take immediate action like fixing or replacing the affected piece of equipment as soon as possible before it gets worse.

To keep your paintball clothing looking its best, you must protect it from exposure to harsh chemicals and extreme temperatures. In addition, when washing the apparel never use bleach or other abrasive detergents that could potentially damage the fabric.