List Of Paintball Magazines Published Worldwide

Action Pursuit Games

APG is targeted at the beginner to intermediate player with paintgun reviews, regular product give-aways, tournament and event articles as well as tactics.  200 glossy pages, in a mix of black and white as well as color are “perfect bound” (no staples) for each monthly issue.  Because APG is the only major paintball publication which allows product pricing it its advertising it is often valued as a mail order catalog. 

Paintball7 – Out Of Print

New to the international market, this German magazine has all the scoops, the news, the tournament coverage and features of the traditional press with an emphasis on Deutchland’s games.

Paintball 2-Xtremes – Out Of Print

Paintball 2-Xtremes is printed in glossy color from cover to cover, with 100 pages in a typical issue.  Articles range from tournament coverage to news of new product releases.  Paintball 2 Xtremes was purchased from its previous publisher and completely re-vamped by the current publisher in 2000.

Paintball Games International – Out Of Print

PGI features around 110 full color glossy pages every month.  While some articles are dedicated to recreational play, the main focus is tournament paintball with coverage of the European paintball scene missed by the other magazines.  PGI is written with its own unique snappy wit, and inside humor, setting it apart.

Paintball News – Out Of Print

Billed as The Player’s Paper, Paintball News is published twice per month in newspaper form on newsprint.  With short time to press, Paintball News features fast breaking press releases and current tournament scores, as well as coverage of recreational events.

Paintball Sports Magazine

An even mix between tournament coverage, new products, and information for the player, PSM is published monthly in glossy magazine format with a mixture of color and black and white.  Catch dual coverage of many major tournaments with the scores and on field action backed up by the off-field gossip and politics.


Based in England, PBUK covers every aspect of paintball from the technical, to scenario games to recreational play to tournaments.

Portal Paintball – Out Of Print

An even mix between tournament coverage, recreational, scenario, new products, and information for the player, this magazine is out of Madrid Spain.


Covering France and the professional paintball market for the world, XPaint is full of photos, action and commentary for the sport.