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Oceanside, Calif. - November 25, 2013 -  Today the APL announces the Official Divisions and Entry Fees for the 2014 Season. The APL is committed to to providing a competitive national level tournament circuit that remains affordable to teams and players. More than $20,000 in cash and prizes will be awarded at each event. More details on the tournament and season prize packages will be announced in coming weeks.

Shawn, you've been in paintball a long time and have accomplished a lot. Can you give our readers an overview of your resume in paintball?

From the first time I started playing when I was 12 with my Church, I was hooked. I loved everything about the sport. The running, the hiding, the shooting, the competition, the everything. I worked for my local paintball store when I was 15 and then opened my first paintball field when I was 16. It was an indoor field in San Diego called Sudden Impact Arena.

PaintballX3 Euro Magazine and Champions Paintball Series (CPS) have announced a media partnership for the 2014 season. As part of the new agreement PaintballX3 Euro Magazine will cover all four of the CPS events in 2014 in both its magazine and social media sites. Slava Ziugzda, founder of the CPS commented, "We're excited to have continued and expanded coverage of our series in PaintballX3 Magazine for the upcoming season. We're looking forward to a long term partnership that will help bring great media coverage of our events, teams and players."

The  latest issue of PaintballX3 Magazine is live & Free for your reading, clicking, rating and viewing pleasure.

Introducing the Machine Gear loader. We hope that you will agree the wait has been justified. Some of the features of the new gear loader include:

This is the first reveal of the D3S. It's a spool design hose-less marker operating at 150-160psi. Using D3FY's MICRO SQ Board you're able to easily change from 4 modes: semi-auto, PSP-Ramp, Full Auto, and 3 round burst.

The E-Icon is JT Paintball's latest release in their new revamped line of products (Pictured above as part of the "Mega Kit").

KEE Action Sports is excited to announce the acquisition of select assets within the .50 and .68 caliber Kingman/Spyder brand portfolio. 

From PbNation.com: Millennium Series not only released the new divisions and Masters series info but also released the dates and venues for 2014.





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