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From the NPPL: We are excited to announce the addition of a Young Guns Division for the Chicago Event!

3-Man Saturday/Sunday- Only
Ages 10-15
$200 Entry Fee

Enjoy a great, safe Independence day!

The UK's longest running Big Game Festival, the only Planet Eclipse Big Game anywhere in the world, the official UKPSF Big Game and the only Shoreline event left that you can buy tickets to this year - if that's not enough........... it's also an awesome weekend of gunfighting and partying with your mates!

Check out the new Exalt V3 Universal Feedgate!

The NPPL Windy City Open is set for August 9-11, 2013 at Paintball Explosion. For more information go to NPPL.com.

After a few weeks of site visits and discussions a final selection has been made for 2014 Paintball Extravaganza International.  Many factors entered into this selection including but not limited to airport availability, drive-in demographics, hotel rates and exhibitor set-up costs.  We are looking for continued growth of the event and feel that this facility and location will lead to this goal. 

Chesapeake City, Maryland – June 20, 2013 – Pinokio Hoppers, manufacturer of the high-capacity, lightweight and reliable Pinokio P250/400 hopper, has joined the Mid-Atlantic Paintball League family of sponsors for 2013 and beyond. When the MAPL announced it would host a new, open-class pump division for the 2013 Star Spangled Open at OXCC Paintball Park in July, Pinokio was one of the first industry companies to offer their support. The growing prize package for the first-ever MAPL RaceTo Pump division at the Star Spangled Open will now include hoppers from Pinokio!

3SparrowMedia presents "Crush."  A true underdog story about a group of young talented individuals, lead by Paul McIntyre, who are trying to carve their own way in the NPPL Pro Division.  The team's first ever pro event was Huntington Beach, and things didn't go as planned. Going 0-4 is always hard, but only scoring two points all tournament is heartbreaking. The North East Open, the teams second event, is one of the those gut check moments where the team is forced to prove that they belong.

After a long journey around the world and back twice, on an extra layover I have finally found time to settle down and hop behind my laptop to write up some bizness. 

The PSP Chicago has concluded with Houston Heat winning the pro division with a very strong showing against back-to-back winners, Dynasty. Other winners were:





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