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Super User

The people behind the company known as GOG, the same people that introduced the original Shocker in 1995, now believe they have another game-changer in their new eNMEy pneumatic regulated spool valve marker. The eNMEy, due for release any day will be priced at the same level as your entry level blowback marker. “There’s no hammer, mainspring or sear in the eNMEy(TM). You’ve got to shoot it to believe it,” says GOG’s Adam Gardner, referring to the smooth performance made possible by the marker’s spool valve design. “That’s why we’re inviting paintball techs from around the world to take the eNMEy(TM) tech class free of charge at this year’s World Cup – and to leave with an eNMEy(TM) of their own.” Visit GOGpaintball.com for more.

Okay, so this product is so new that it’s not even out yet but there are pictures. All of the Spire internals are mounted on a tray, which is quickly removed with the slide of the convenient Tray Release Tab. The Spire Drive's Flex Cycle allows the Spire to feed even the most brittle paint and its spring loaded arms slide underneath and push jams out of the way before they occur. The Spire is small and it shoots Reballs and paintballs. Look for more about the Spire at VirtuePaintball.com. And when we get one of these in our hands we’ll be all over it here in New Product Spotlight.

GI Sportz’ Sleek Paintball Mask is a budget-price goggle system designed with the rental, walk-on and entry level player in mind—although anyone looking for a quality mask at a budget price would likely find this mask more than suitable. The Sleek Goggle System features excellent optical clarity, a sleek design, easy change lens system, MicroVent design for improved protection and breathability, and yes, it looks great too! Check it out at GISportz.com.

Newsflash – not everyone that plays paintball shoots a $1000 marker and the top grade of paintballs available. In fact there a lot less of those than the rest of us that shoot $250 markers and field grade paint. All of that said, Valken’s Zing paintballs are an excellent entry level/field grade paintball. The slightly thicker shell allows the paint to be shot in guns that are a little tougher on paint—namely many of the entry level markers—and that’s a good thing. Zing Paintballs are 100% PEG, which means they are safer for the environment then some paintballs. Check them out here.

Empire Paintball continues to knock it out of the park and their new Prevail TW Jersey is just another example of that.  Packed with features, the Empire Prevail TW Paintball Jersey is lightweight, comfortable and has a ton of mesh ventilation to keep you cool even in the warm summer weather. The Prevail TW Jersey is available in 6 sizes and 4 colours. Check it out at EmpirePaintball.com.

Put your gear in one half of this bag and your clothes in the other. There’s nothing like traveling with one bag when you’re headed to a paintball event or anywhere else for that matter. And if you’re flying, bringing one bag will save you $25 per flight on bag fees along.  Planet Eclipse’s new Split Compact Gear Bag features split functionality, expandable pockets, a clear document pocket, the ability to use the pack as a backpack (with included shoulder straps), luggage ID pockets, telescoping luggage handle, luggage wheels, and a padded, external top compartment, perfect for laptops. Check it out at PlanetEclipse.com.

If you are looking for tailbone and/or hip protection without wearing protective shorts (sliders) the Demon Hip Belt X D30 may be just what you need. The X D30 is designed using two materials--Velcro and elastic—so getting a tight comfortable fit is a snap. The X D30 Hip Belt comes with three pads, allowing the user to run with any combination of the three. For more information surf on over to Demonsnow.com.

It’s not a given that an entry level goggle system will offer a full 180° field of vision, a fog resistant lens and even just a basic level of comfort—but JT’s new Prime Goggles offer all three and a very fair price. These stylish entry level paintball goggles are ideal for beginners to amateurs and offer unparalleled protection. All of our JT Paintball Goggles are designed with your safety in mind and are a great edition to a newbies gear bag for any age. Check them out here.

The M3-A1 is the newest marker from Dangerous Power—and it looks like a good one. Featuring an all new in-line pressurized system, high precision 3D milling, front and rear iron sights, low profile clamping feed neck, collapsible stock, 3-point trigger adjustment system, magazine battery retainer, twist ASA, and rear sling loop.  Check out the DP M3-A1 at DangerousPower.com.

If it’s true MilSim you’re looking for from your paintball marker Tippmannn’s U.S. Army Salvo has it all—and at a price that will likely surprise you… in a good way.  The Project Salvo includes a collapsible/folding stock, four rails on the shroud and a high performance 11″ ported barrel. It has the ability to accept an electronic trigger kit, Response trigger and the Cyclone Feed System. Check it out at Tippmann.com.





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