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Check out the new action-packed issue of PaintballX3 Magazine. Our 57th issue features 65 pages of PSP West Coast Open coverage, plus Resurrection Autococker Review, Camera Mount Review, MAPL OXCC Challenge Coverage, New Products, Features and More! Check it out HERE:

Dynasty, the worlds most winingest team in paintball history, has been around the world from north to south, east to west and brought home trophy after trophy.  One of the places that have been untouched by the Midas touch of Dynasty was Mother Russia.  That changed in July. HyBrid Foto was invited along to document the historic invasion of the Russian paintball scene. 

Some interesting paintball facts...

90: The temperature in degrees (F) at which C02 cannot turn to liquid.

78: The approximate percentage of Nitrogen that’s in the air you breathe. The same percentage of Nitrogen in your compressed air tank with it is full.

.4: The time (in seconds) it takes for a paintball shot at 300 feet per second (and including velocity drop-off) to get the target at 125 feet.

68: The feet per second a paintball is traveling (approximately) at 250 feet from the barrel it was fired from (if the original fps was 300).

2.5 inches: Any C02 or HPA tank this size (in diameter) or larger needs to be hydrotested every five years.

Less than 2.5 inches: Tanks less than 2.5 inches in diameter never need to be hydrotested by law.

1993: The year the first NPPL game was played (Dallas, Texas).

You have to figure that in the eleven years between the time the paintgun was invented in 1970 and the first recorded game was played in 1981, there were probably other instances where people shot each other with those oil-based balls using Nelspots. It’s hard to imagine that in seven years of forestry work no one “accidentally” fired a shot at a coworker in the field. But like the first recorded basketball game 90 years earlier in 1891, the only one that really matters is the game that is documented.

Check out the latest issue of PaintballX3 Euro magazine with European coverage like no other magazine. This 117 page issue features tournament coverage from all over Europe, as well as interviews, new products and more. Check it out HERE.

The Millennium Series Paintball World Cup Paris even is just around the corner and the Team USA roster was just announced.

Firstly, I would like to apologize on behalf of the entire "Tonton" team for the events that took place at the PSP West Coast Open, and I need to express that it has all been blown completely out of proportions.

Ever wonder if you have what it takes to play Pro in the NPPL? The Pro Division for Las Vegas World Championship is Open! 

It's hard to call it news when a product has not been released or even shown as a prototype yet but anything that Virtue Paintball does or is doing is of interest to many paintball players.





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