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Introducing the Machine Gear loader. We hope that you will agree the wait has been justified. Some of the features of the new gear loader include:

This is the first reveal of the D3S. It's a spool design hose-less marker operating at 150-160psi. Using D3FY's MICRO SQ Board you're able to easily change from 4 modes: semi-auto, PSP-Ramp, Full Auto, and 3 round burst.

The E-Icon is JT Paintball's latest release in their new revamped line of products (Pictured above as part of the "Mega Kit").

KEE Action Sports is excited to announce the acquisition of select assets within the .50 and .68 caliber Kingman/Spyder brand portfolio. 

From Millennium Series not only released the new divisions and Masters series info but also released the dates and venues for 2014.

November 4, 2013 - After a successful 2013 tournament season, Paintball Promotions Inc. is proud to announce the formation of a new national paintball circuit, the American Paintball League (APL).

Ledz we all know the history of Planet Eclipse.  But the question many have is, how have you been able to maintain a top level position in paintball as a manufacturer for so long? How have you been able to keep Planet Eclipse's products cutting edge, hip, cool, and in the forefront?

Houston Heat is putting the rumor mill to rest and confirming that Konstantin Fedorov, Mishka Kniazev and Sergei Solnishkov will not be playing with Heat during the 2014 PSP season. The three will be joining their Russian family, Art Chaos, full time next year.





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