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First Look – Friendship Cup Kiev Ukraine

 As paintball continues to grow around the world we are starting to see more and more Eastern European events promoting outside of their country’s.  One such event is the Friendship Cup that’s held each year in Kiev.  The event itself is part of the Russian Golden Ring series. 

This year’s event will be held July 20-21 at the PRO Arena, X-Park Leisure Centre in Kiev, Ukraine.  The venue itself is an extreme sport activity park with not only paintball but also jet skis, skim boarding, go-carts. pubs, restaurants, wakeboards, and the opportunity to rent bicycle or quad bike, trampolines and many so much more to offer players who come to the event. For more information about X-Park please visit our website at:www.xpark.kiev.ua

The event has a 32-team limit, 16 D1 teams and 16 D2 teams.  The paintball venue of the park is none like has ever been seen in Ukraine.  The area features artificial field turf like that the Millennium Series uses.  They have special 300 sq. m area just for teams to stage and prepare for their matches.  The pit areas are built to service four teams at a time.  They also provide lighting for those night-time matches.  The 12 4800 watt floodlights won’t leave you in the dark when bunkering your opponent.  They also offer a restricted snake side-coaching zone.  One of the luxury items for paintball players is that PRO Arena offers is shower baths for players to rid themselves of the paint grit and grime after the matches before heading out to enjoy the other parts of the park.


The arena provides a unique 200-seat spectator and fan zone that provides a 2-meter high view over the field.  Giving an added interaction with the teams on the field. Safety is always a concern for Pro Arena so the team zones are surrounded with polycarbonate hockey glass in addition to standard safety approved paintball netting.  Similar safety precautions are also around the spectator area.

PROPaintball is the organizer for the event.  Format of the event is Race-2-4 with 10-minute game time limit with a 2 min break between points. The event follows the UPF 2013 rules adapted to the event. The head marshal is none other than Anton Nadezhdin (Buff) of Russia, the creator and owner of the Golden Ring Series.  Marshals are provided by the Ukrainian National team.  Eclipse tech will be onsite provided by Eclipse certified specialist Aleks Ignatov.  Prizes provided by Eclipse as well as individual team medals as well as trophy. 


Make sure to check out the event online at https://www.facebook.com/groups/407923032599860/?fref=ts or https://www.facebook.com/PROpaintball.com.ua  See you in Kiev!

HOUSTON, TX – Friday, June 14, 2013 – Chad George sustained a foot injury during practice in Texas and will not be playing in the upcoming PSP Chicago Open.

As the Millennium Series began their preperations for this upcoming weekend's season opener in Puget-Sur-Agens France, they arrived this morning to find an organizers worst nightmare - two fields of bunkers and large part of the netting system were damaged or completely destroyed beyond repair. Despite having security on site, person or persons were able to carry out this unfathomable act.

Coming into the Millennium Series Disney World Cup many of the division series titles were on the line with only a few points to spare among the top teams.  Promotions and relegations were also on the line. The final event of the 2012 Millennium Series was set almost two weeks later than normal due to a conflict with the NPPL World Championships Las Vegas event.  And for the first time in many years Mother Nature was not happy with the change.  Thursday and Friday of the event turned out to be partly cloudy but on Saturday the skies opened up that left the fields and players facing a new challenge. Sunday would be no different as a steady rain progressed the entire day until just before the awards ceremony.

This year’s paintball season has flown by so quickly.  It was already time for the showdown to see who was the best of the best in Norway.  Once again the hosting field for the Norwegian Masters would be Slagen Paintball, one of Norway’s premiere paintball sites.

The field layout was designed by Paul Richards, Tampa Bay Damage head coach.  The layout was quite interesting and challenging to play.  As in past events the layout was kept a secret until a few days before the event.  Fifty-five teams came to Slagen to see if they could walk away with the bragging rights that they were the best team in Norway, only 12 would walk away with medalions and trophies to prove it. The formats that would be played at this Masters was Xball, traditional 5-man, traditional 3-man and 3-man ball limited.  

What amazing weather we had for this event! Players from Mash Paintball Arena provided the weekend’s marshaling crew and kept the games running smoothly and on time.  Over the period of two days more than 200 matches were played.  Day one would set the pace for the weekend as Xball and traditional 3-man matches were up first.

The second stop on the Champions Paintball Series brought us to Vienna, Austria and to the home field of RMG Bratislava.  This event would see the first appearance of Art Chaos Moscow in this series as well as well-known players Oliver Lang, Bobby Aviles and Bear Degidio.  

The CPS is comprised of four events in both Italy and Austria.  According to organizer Jaroslav Ziugzda (Slava), the series was created when the Grand Tour decided to take a break and left a void in the European tournament paintball community.  

The event is divided into two divisions, Super League (pro) and League 1.  For the Vienna event there were 8 Super League teams and 19 League 1 teams.  Going into this event leading the Super League was Empire Venice followed by Consilium Dei and Icon Marseile.  In League 1 it would be CD 2, ACT and Italian Idols.  Vienna would bring upsets to the leaders and new teams would take the podium.

Welcome to St Tropez/Cannes, Hollywood’s playground and now the playground of the Millennium Series.  Although St Tropez is nearly 50km from where the venue is the Millennium Series board considers it St Tropez.  Many players were a bit dissappointed when they arrived to find that we were no where near St Tropez, however were soon soothed by the fact that its the begining of the 2012 paintball season in Europé and no matter where we found ourselves someone would be getting mugged on the field this weekend.

The site of first event of the season was held at Oasis Village in Puget Sur Argens France, a small resort village near St Raphael.  We arrived on Thursday to retreive our press passes and begin coverage of the team practices.  Due to high winds and weather conditions the fields were not yet completed and so the first two sets of practices on all four fields were canceled.  Once the netting was put back in place the practices resumed as normal.  Several new vendors this year appeared down through the vendor city, one such was Anthrax Custom Paintball Jerseys.  Returning vendors such as Maxs, HK Army, Eclipse and Dye were on hand with new items for the 2012 season.  To find the site one must traverse through the complex of rental cabins and mobile homes that many of the particiapants called home sweet home for the weekend.  The Millennium Series marked the way to the fields clearly and since the weather in the French Rivera was quite nice the walk wasnt so bad.  For this first event both Copenhagen Synergy and Instinct Gemoss Riga were the marshalling teams along with the regular crew of EuroRefs.  This gave both teams the seed point that everyone strives for the first event.

Road to European Championships – Millennium Series Leg # 2 Bitburg Germany European Masters

Our latest stop on the Millennium Series train took us to Bitburg Germany for the European Masters event.  We found hot weather, hot paintball action and hot tempers. We saw upsets and jubilation.  It would be the return of San Diego Dynasty to the top of the podium and a stunned Art Chaos Moscow.  This event also crowned the toughest female team for the European Women’s Championships.

Last year the EPBF implemented an extension to the Nations Cup event to include a women’s and under 19 championships.  Last year’s Bitburg event saw the first such Women’s Championship.  Unfortunately there were only three teams last year.  This year was a totally different event with six teams in attendance: Russia, France, Germany, Great Britain, Poland and Austria.  Defending champions France once more took top honors defeating Russia.  This match up was a reprise from the Arena Girls Cup Moscow event where Harpies and Valkyries battled and vied for the right to play for 1st and 2nd place against Fat Lady’s Charms.  The French win gave seeding points for France going into the Nations Cup and U19 events.  The team from Great Britain was mainly comprised of a new all-female team hitting the scene in Bitburg, Celtic Banshees.  Results from the Women’s Championships would be 1st place France, 2nd place Russia and 3rd place Germany.  At the London Masters we will see who is the best of the best in the Nations Cup men’s event.

Welcome to Hokksund Norway, home to the second NPL event.  Just like the event in Sweden the week before, Hokksund was plagued with rain before, during and after the event. 

Day one would be the longest day of the event with twelve Division 1 teams and twenty-two Division 2 teams.  One hundred thirty-six matches would be played over nine hours and on only one field! Marshalls for this event and all of the NPL events this year was Drammen Solid. 

Division 2 and Division play traditional 5-man format.  With that said, the matches for Division 2 flew by quickly. Sitting Ducks had a guest player for this event.  The bright pink GT Clone gave away quickly that one of the Fat Ladys Charms would be joining Sitting Ducks. Mette Isaksen, snake player would help the Sitting Ducks to the finals.  Division one and two would play on an older Millennium Series field layout as their secret layout for the event.

Road to the European Championships – London Masters

Our road to the Millennium Series Championships brought us to the land of tea, crumpets and the 2012 Olympics – London England.  This would be the 3rd event of the season.  It would also be a defining moment in the series standings.  Going into this event Art Chaos was behind Dynasty in the series standings with hopes to regain the top spot.  This event would bring the first time TonTons would reign over the other CPL teams.  The EPBF would also present the European Championship Mens competition.  Team Great Britian had a title to defend on home soil and would have to fight to keep it. This year brought 21 countries to the championships, a great increase from last year.  The weekend marched on to the beat of high winds, rain and excitement.





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