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Zombies Overrun Freedom Paintball Park

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There's been a prison break and the inmates have escaped to Freedom … Pennsylvania. The “prisoners” now stalk the countryside. Luckily, Ryan Krischke of Wexford has 240,000 rounds of ammunition in his garage.

October PaintballX3 Euro Magazine, Live & Free

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The Latest & Greatest issue of PaintballX3 Euro Magazine is now live, free and available for your reading, commenting, rating, watching and highly addicting viewing pleasure.

Fantasy Paintball is HERE!

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PbNation, Pb Access and PSP Events are pleased to present Fantasy Paintball Beta.

Fantasy Paintball brings the on-field performances of the best players in the game, the sports premiere, high definition webcast coverage, and all the statistics captured by the PSP stats officials together into the first real-time contest between fans.

Paintball: Russian Army's Newest Weapon?

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A member of an advisory body to Russia’s government thinks he has found the silver bullet to make joining the country’s army more attractive to youngsters: paintball.

Zombieland from Shoreline and Planet Eclipse

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This may be the world's most amazing paintball game. Zombieland will be played in a fully functioning theme park, with rides, a pool party, in game zombie actors and "wet your pants" special effects.

NPPL Las Vegas Schedule - Begins Today!

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The NPPL Las Vegas event starts today. Check out the full schedule below.

2013 PSP World Cup Layouts Are Here

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Check out the field layouts for the 2013 PSP World Cup!

Ninja Paintball 2013 Pink Breast Cancer Awareness Systems

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Ninja Paintball is proud to announce our 2013 Pink Breast Cancer awareness tank. This system has our DURA matte finish in pink with a glossy white Ninja logo and the Breast Cancer awareness ribbon on the other side. The regulator you choose on this system will also include pink o-rings on the bonnet.

Airsoft Company to Make Paintball Marker

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There's a new company about to try its hand in paintball. D3FY, a longtime airsoft manufacturer is soon to release its first paintball gun, the DS3. Not much is known about the gun at this time but we are endeavoring to get the details now. We'll keep you posted.

PaintballX3 Magazine Issue #58, Live & Free

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The latest issue of the world's most read paintball magazine is available now for your reading, watching, commenting, liking and interacting pleasure. This issue features coverage of the three-discipline Valken Cup, Scenario team feature with Team Arclight, Interviews with the brilliant Simon Stephens and Ledz (Planet Eclipse), Vanguard Demon Review, New Products, News and much more. Check it out HERE!





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