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2012 Millennium Disney World Cup

Written by  |  Monday, 31 December 2012 03:20  |  Published in Millennium Series Coverage

Coming into the Millennium Series Disney World Cup many of the division series titles were on the line with only a few points to spare among the top teams.  Promotions and relegations were also on the line. The final event of the 2012 Millennium Series was set almost two weeks later than normal due to a conflict with the NPPL World Championships Las Vegas event.  And for the first time in many years Mother Nature was not happy with the change.  Thursday and Friday of the event turned out to be partly cloudy but on Saturday the skies opened up that left the fields and players facing a new challenge. Sunday would be no different as a steady rain progressed the entire day until just before the awards ceremony.

2012 World Cup Asia - Malaysia

Written by  |  Saturday, 29 December 2012 18:47  |  Published in Regional Event Coverage, Worldwide

The Paintball World Cup Asia 2012 came and went and what an unforgettable event it was! The event was held at the indoor, air-conditioned and astro-turfed Mahsuri International Exhibition Centre on the ‘Isle of Legends’; Langkawi, Malaysia and was rated as ‘Paintball Event of the Year 2011’ by The venue was a walking distance from the Langkawi Airport as well as the official hotel (One Helang Hotel), making the location super convenient to find and commute to.

2012 CSP Brazil

Written by  |  Saturday, 29 December 2012 18:43  |  Published in Regional Event Coverage, Worldwide

Mercenarios Paintball Store held the third CSP tournament of the season at Tagaste Ecopark in São Paulo, Brazil, a beautiful hotel with a great structure for paintball tournaments. It had been raining for two weeks and the beautiful well-tended gardens and sports fields were muddy and soaking wet. On Thursday the facility was being prepared for the public and players and by the end of the day everything was ready: staging area, Dye scoreboard, grandstands, field, compressors, and everything else needed to run the event.  APPA’s Chris Raehl and PSP ref David Baker were already in Brazil and Ryan Greenspan, from Dynasty, was still having trouble at the Dallas airport where he should get his connection to São Paulo. His flight had been cancelled after spending three hours in the plane waiting for takeoff. In the end he had to spend the night in Dallas and would arrive in Brazil on Friday, late for his clinic.

On Friday morning players were registering while David Baker started his now famous ref  certification clinic, which by the way is changing the level of CSP tournaments, providing high level referees in all six countries. Meanwhile, Ryan’s other flight was also very late and he arrived at the field, changed clothes and sterted his clinic.

As the player’s clinic finished, we started the Empire Top Gun, a one-on-one, one-minute game tournament that every year provides a lot of fun for the players at CSP Brazil. In this competition the public can’t say anything to help and often a player in the field loses track of his opponent making them lose precious seconds. The early applause went to a player named Maron, a sneaky paintball snap-shooter who could silently pursue his adversary and eliminate him with only one good shot. But his skills were not enough to keep him alive until the final round. Daniel Cabal ended with the trophy and a brand new Axe provided by Empire.

On Saturday at 8AM the games started with the Amateur (D4) division teams Arsenal and Lethal, both from Rio de Janeiro. Lunchtime was like a party… teams, refs and staff all eating and chatting in the restaurant, forgetting about field rivalry. Soon after lunch it was D3 (Open) and D5 (Novice) turns. The air supply was perfect and the judges were awesome (according to PSP ref David Baker), so the games were played easily, fast with no stress or arguments.

Sunday morning started with a hearty breakfast at the field hotel and at 8 o’clock the games started. As the tournament went on, Hellcife would get farther away from the other teams in the Amateur division while Arsenal, Redpill and Lethal followed almost in a tie. Those four teams made it to the semi-finals. Redpill played Arsenal in a game that ended in a tie, what automatically led them to the overtime. This was the most boring overtime game ever! Both teams were over careful and wouldn’t move. Finally Redpill scored the point! In the other bracket Hellcife defeated Lethal. Lethal then played Arsenal winning and ending in Redpill and Hellcife presented a great show to the public but Hellcife, which had won all the games in the prelims, reinforced it’s superiority and won the Champion trophy in the Amateur (D4) division.

In the prelims team Rapozas had conquered its post in the final round by points. Team Arena had to face the Argentinean champion El Clan in a very dynamic and emotional game. The Argentineans had their families, wives covered in their flags, with babies in their arms, all cheering for them – beautiful to see! Team Arena defeated El Clan and played with team Rapozas in the final. Showing a lot of talent, Arena won the final game and got the title of Champion of the Novice division.

Then came the time for the eagerly expected Open Division semi-final. Team Mercenarios had gone through the whole prelims without losing a single point and granted it’s place in the Final. Mercenario’s opponent would be decided in a dynamic and nervous game between the Peruvian Katari and the Brazilian Megaplay. Megaplay won and the crowd went wild in the super final game against team Mercenarios. The public had a kind of parallel competition on the grand stands that sometimes had to be contained by the staff when they got too enthusiastic. Team Mercenarios kept the same pattern of the previous games and won by 3 points to 0 in this awesome Race-to-3 competition, deserving every inch of the Champion Trohy of the highest division in CSP.

The awards were in a nice salon at the same hotel and basically all players remained there to find out who would win the Animal Player trophy (the best individual move of the tournament, chosen by the referees). Well, that prize went to Gaúcho, for the amazing speed he could develop crawling from the base to the snake at the start of the points. The team captains elected Deedee as the Best Referee.

It was the best tournament ever made by Mercenarios Paintball Store and probably the best CSP ever.  According to David Baker, this was the best ref team he’s ever seen in South America and those guys are ready to ref in any other part of the world, in any other tournament.  This means a lot to the CSP owners as a lot of effort and money have been invested in the judges training and teaching since last year. We believe there are no good tournaments without good referees.

CSP deeply thanks Empire, RpS, Axe, Dye, Proto, Tippmann, Spyder, Sup’Air Ball, JT, NxE, BT, Play Paintball Brasil and Mercenários Paintball Store for the trust and sponsorship, our staff from Mercenários Store that worked almost non stop for several days to make everything perfect, under the lead of Tony Huamani, my husband and partner, the refs that transformed the event into a real success and of course, the players, for without them there would be no tournament, right?


OPEN – D3:

1- Mercenários

2- Megaplay

3- Catari

4- Los Hermanos

5- Raptors

1- Hellcife

2- Redpill

3- Lethal

4- Arsenal

5- Mercenários Black

6- Dangerz

7- Megaplay Fusion

8- All Stars

9- Team Bulldogs

1-  Arena

2- Rapozas

3- El Clan

4- Monster Ink

5- Nitrous

CSP Chile 2012 Season Finale

Written by  |  Saturday, 29 December 2012 18:35  |  Published in Regional Event Coverage, Worldwide

The last event of CSP 2012 season took place in Hacienda Tobalaba, Santiago, right at the foot of the snow covered peaks of the Cordillera de los Andes in Chile. The promoters Claudio Salinas and Miguel Lobos, owners of the field 2Nel and ZPTV, assembled 2 fields for this great event that gathered players from Argentina, Bolivia, Brazil, Colombia, Ecuador, Peru and Uruguay. To complete the Chilean cold, it had been raining for a week and the fields had a thin layer of mud on the grass. As everything has two sides, the good thing was that due to the “bad” weather, the snow on the mountains was thick and the players that planed to go skiing after the tournament would have a very good time. I must confess that only by looking at those mountains I felt colder.

CPS Venice Italy

Written by  |  Tuesday, 04 December 2012 00:00  |  Published in Regional European Tournaments

Just a year ago I moved to Italy to start paintball business and develop the sport paintball. I built new fields, arranged pro-schools, organized tournaments, taught our young players and took care of our team, Empire Venice. After a successful year, when we decided to enter into the SPL in Millennium Series the new question popped up… how to get a team ready for the semi professional league?  We urgently needed the tournament experience and learn how to play under that pressure. At the same time I heard that the Grand Tour wouldn’t exist anymore. So after some short conversations with one of GT organizers – Wolfgang, a new European series was formed!  All of my life I have been waiting to become a champion or to help prepare others to reach that level of success.

So the name of the new series was crystal clear and so we started. We found a young talented designer, which created the most stylish website on the market ( We started talking with the teams and just after two months we had around 40 teams that expressed an interest in playing the CPS.

2012 Med Cup

Written by  |  Tuesday, 04 December 2012 00:00  |  Published in Regional European Tournaments

Scandinavian paintball doesn’t start until mid to late May due to the cold weather conditions, so for this event headed south to warmer climates and HOT paintball.

This time we found ourselves on our yearly season kick-off trip with Slagen Bandits, heading to Thessaloniki, Greece and the newly formed Med League.  When we left early on the 18th of April it was -5 c in both Norway and Sweden and as it would be in Scandinavia – snow.  We arrived in the early afternoon in warm (+21c) Greece.  We were met by our host, Konstantinos Papapanagiotou,owner ofAnthrax Custom Paintball Jerseys.  He drove us to our hotel, which was a wonderful place and only fifty meters from the beautiful Greek beach and warm waters!

Once settled in we checked out our environment and the Greek food!  Situated across from our hotel was a wonderful “fast food” restaurant that served authentic Greek Gyros!  I was in heaven!  The hotel that Kostantinos suggested was very nice and very reasonably priced.  We would be joined by the marshaling crew as well as Brussels Crossfire in our hotel the following day. 

HotBall 2012 series

Written by  |  Tuesday, 04 December 2012 00:00  |  Published in Regional European Tournaments

Moscow Paintball Summer!

As I hope you know Moscow is not always covered with snow and ice. Yes, we have summer too! And we have summer outdoor tournaments as well. The summer series HotBall started in May and continues through until the end of September. The series is aimed at all levels of professionalism – from Division Four, 5-man paintball to Division One Race2 Four X-Ball along with Russian teams that you often see playing in Europe.

Every event gathers more than 45 teams from different cities of Russia and the Ukraine. It is a good practice for those who play in Europe and good time for those who play for fun or have just started in paintball. The organizers do their best to turn every tournament into paintball festive occasion! Cheerleading girls, non-stop music, swimming pool, Red Bull giveaways, contents and prizes – that is just the beginning of what paintballers get for coming to HotBall!

2012 Norwegian Masters

Written by  |  Tuesday, 04 December 2012 00:00  |  Published in Regional European Tournaments

This year’s paintball season has flown by so quickly.  It was already time for the showdown to see who was the best of the best in Norway.  Once again the hosting field for the Norwegian Masters would be Slagen Paintball, one of Norway’s premiere paintball sites.

The field layout was designed by Paul Richards, Tampa Bay Damage head coach.  The layout was quite interesting and challenging to play.  As in past events the layout was kept a secret until a few days before the event.  Fifty-five teams came to Slagen to see if they could walk away with the bragging rights that they were the best team in Norway, only 12 would walk away with medalions and trophies to prove it. The formats that would be played at this Masters was Xball, traditional 5-man, traditional 3-man and 3-man ball limited.  

What amazing weather we had for this event! Players from Mash Paintball Arena provided the weekend’s marshaling crew and kept the games running smoothly and on time.  Over the period of two days more than 200 matches were played.  Day one would set the pace for the weekend as Xball and traditional 3-man matches were up first.

2012 IceBall Moscow

Written by  |  Tuesday, 04 December 2012 00:00  |  Published in Regional European Tournaments

Winter indoor paintball series. Headshot paintball & life Magazine

Once more the end of the normal paintball season has ended in Russia.  But never fear as just around the corner its time for IceBall.  IceBall is a indoor series in Russia that is held in one of Europes BEST indoor facilities, Arena Paintball Moscow and Arena Paintball Palace Moscow.  The series organizers offer visa support for players from outside Russia.  The prices for entry for the event is very affordable. Some of the ammenties offered by Arena year around are a built in hostel on site that is 500rubles per night per pers in a 6 man room, showers, café, live webcast of the event, excellent media coverage from Russian and international photographers and videographers.  The field itself is a truly modernized Millennium field with lots of sideline room, current Millennium Series layouts, 3 meter high hockey glass around the entire field in addition to full netting.  They have room for lots of spectators and lets not forget CHEERLEADERS!  This series is one not to miss.  So this winter instead of sitting around watching old paintball videos, get off the couch and get to Russia and play in a comfortable climate controlled arena.  Contact for any questions and visa support.

2012 Vienna Austria Calling – Champions Paintball Series Leg #2

Written by  |  Tuesday, 04 December 2012 00:00  |  Published in Regional European Tournaments

The second stop on the Champions Paintball Series brought us to Vienna, Austria and to the home field of RMG Bratislava.  This event would see the first appearance of Art Chaos Moscow in this series as well as well-known players Oliver Lang, Bobby Aviles and Bear Degidio.  

The CPS is comprised of four events in both Italy and Austria.  According to organizer Jaroslav Ziugzda (Slava), the series was created when the Grand Tour decided to take a break and left a void in the European tournament paintball community.  

The event is divided into two divisions, Super League (pro) and League 1.  For the Vienna event there were 8 Super League teams and 19 League 1 teams.  Going into this event leading the Super League was Empire Venice followed by Consilium Dei and Icon Marseile.  In League 1 it would be CD 2, ACT and Italian Idols.  Vienna would bring upsets to the leaders and new teams would take the podium.

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