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eXclusive Interview: Thomas Taylor

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  • Friday, 20 December 2013 19:18
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X3: Like everyone else, we saw the news yesterday that you have left XSV. Can you tell us why you decided to leave?
Thomas: Well there was lots that went into the decision but what matters is that it was one of the hardest decisions I have made in paintball and I feel it's best for me and my family.
Are you planning to play somewhere else next year? If so, did you know where yet?
Yes I'm excited to be playing with Houston Heat in 2014. They have great owners and are a very talented team. 
You have a lot going on with playing on the pro circuit all of these years, doing clinics, appearances, etc. What are your goals for 2014?
Yes my years are full of paintball. My goals are to win a world championship, to coach/train many more people this year both on location and online through It's also time for me to start working on the future for my family.
What were some of your highlight moments playing with XSV?
There are so many I mean so many. Denver 05 was huge, my first trip to Europe, winning championships, but the biggest win had to be our first HB win. 
Do you have any other business interests outside of paintball, or is paintball your only business/job?
I am starting to pursue life outside of paintball but it's hard as paintball has been my life for ten years. 
What does a day in the life of Thomas Taylor look like?
My days consist of training, family, working on projects I am pursuing, coaching, being in the word (Bible), and currently promoting Jt Splatmaster 
You have been very outspoken in your Christian faith, which is very admirable. Has the ever caused you any problems in paintball? 
Yes the love of my Lord and savior Jesus Christ has changed my life. I have lost a number of friends and the ones I kept don't all have the same relationship with me but there has been much more good in strengthening relationships building new ones and to watch The Lord work has been amazing! 
Is there anything else you'd like to add?
I am super greatfull for all the support of all you friends and fans over the years and I pray you continue to show the great support you always have to XSV and myself on my new journey. 
Thanks Thomas!

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