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So What Will Kee Do With Spyder? Answer Inside

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  • Wednesday, 06 November 2013 20:18
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 KEE Action Sports is excited to announce the acquisition of select assets within the .50 and .68 caliber Kingman/Spyder brand portfolio.John Robinson CEO of KEE stated “We are excited to continue to build on the long history of the Spyder brand.  The Spyder marker line has been at the forefront of innovating paintball markers for nearly 20 years. With .68 caliber styles such as the Fenix, Xtra, Victor, and the MR series coupled with the most recent innovations in .50 cal and mag fed products, we believe Spyder fits perfectly into our line-up that already includes JT SplatMaster, JT, and Empire.”

Arthur Chang Founder and former CEO of Kingman International said, "Our passion for paintball was demonstrated through the creation and execution of the Spyder brand. I am pleased to know that KEE will take Spyder to the next level and that my passion for paintball will live forever through the brand that was my brainchild." 

KEE Action Sports will continue to support the Spyder line of products through the 1-888-KINGMAN hotline.

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