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And the PSP Rankings Winner is...

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  • Tuesday, 22 October 2013 17:50
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All season long, teams have been competing in the PSP as well as in PSP Affiliate Leagues in hopes of winning the all-over PSP World Series Championship.  It takes consistency and unwavering determination to stay on top and earn this prestigious title.


Congratulations to San Diego Dynasty on an incredible year winning back-to-back event Championships from the PSP Dallas Open and PSP Mid-Atlantic Open.  Their 2nd place in Chicago, 5th place in the West Coast Open and 5th place at the World Cup gave them 886 points - more than any other in the Pro Circuit - which crowns them the 2013 Professional PSP Series Champions.


Divisional teams face struggles that most Professional teams are immune to.  It takes heavy funding and group coordination to be able to practice and compete at the top level while maintaining a full time job and school.  Congratulations to the divisional teams who were able to achieve the ultimate goal of PSP Series Champions

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