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Ninja Paintball 2013 Pink Breast Cancer Awareness Systems

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  • Tuesday, 01 October 2013 18:43
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Ninja Paintball is proud to announce our 2013 Pink Breast Cancer awareness tank. This system has our DURA matte finish in pink with a glossy white Ninja logo and the Breast Cancer awareness ribbon on the other side. The regulator you choose on this system will also include pink o-rings on the bonnet.

We will also be offering our Pink Breast Cancer Awareness system with an exclusive limited edition PRO regulator.

This PRO regulator has pink o-rings on the bonnet, a lasered awareness ribbon with 2013 below it and also features a white rotational collar.

For every pink tank sold we will donate a portion of that to the American Cancer Society. These tanks are available in limited quantities for the month of October only. Contact your local Ninja Paintball dealer to order.

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