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NPPL Signs Verve Energy Drink

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  • Monday, 02 September 2013 12:29
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Verve Energy Drink is 'Insanely Healthy Energy!' The lightly carbonated beverage offers natural caffeine, complete nutrition and an energy boost without calories or the crash.

Verve will be on site sampling their energy drink as well as sponsoring the VIP area. In the new Verve VIP spectators will get to mingle with Verve representatives, try out the drink, and watch all of the center court action at the NPPL. Plus Verve promises some special guests and more surprises throughout the weekend.

Verve's parent company Vemma has not only committed to the NPPL event but along with Mr. Anthony Powell, Royal Ambassador of Vemma, will also be Platinum Sponsors of Professional team San Francisco Explicit.

"After talking to Vemma representatives and learning more about their company, we are excited about partnering with them for the Vegas event and beyond. They are committed to bringing some exciting additions to the NPPL and see the value of supporting the great sport of paintball." Says Shawn Walker, General Manger of Paintball Promotions Inc.

The NPPL Las Vegas World Championship is October 4,5,6 at Vegas Xtreme Paintball with the Riveria Hotel & Casino serving as the host hotel.

For more information about the event go to or call 714-758-5575

Check out Verve online at

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