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  • Friday, 28 June 2013 12:47
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Chesapeake City, Maryland – June 20, 2013 – Pinokio Hoppers, manufacturer of the high-capacity, lightweight and reliable Pinokio P250/400 hopper, has joined the Mid-Atlantic Paintball League family of sponsors for 2013 and beyond. When the MAPL announced it would host a new, open-class pump division for the 2013 Star Spangled Open at OXCC Paintball Park in July, Pinokio was one of the first industry companies to offer their support. The growing prize package for the first-ever MAPL RaceTo Pump division at the Star Spangled Open will now include hoppers from Pinokio!

Thanks to a unique look and simple, uncomplicated design that allows the Pinokio P250/400 hopper to feed over twenty paintballs per second without jams, Pinokio hoppers have remained popular across all segments of paintball since their release several years ago. Drawing its name from its modular, replaceable long nose section allowing the hopper to hold as many as 400 rounds, or 250 with a shorter nose section attached, the Pinokio allows players to shoot for a much longer period of time before reloading, culminating in their slogan, “Reload Less, Win More!”
“I’ve been playing paintball with a Pinokio hopper since 2010,” said MAPL Marketing Director Joshua D. Silverman, who continued “and it’s been absolutely flawless. I’ve experienced, literally, one jam with my Pinokio since I first put it on my gun years ago. These hoppers are the real deal: light, fast, reliable and simple. We are excited to welcome Pinokio Hoppers to the MAPL family and look forward to a great relationship as the league grows.”

The MAPL (Mid-Atlantic Paintball League), the Mid-Atlantic region’s premier divisional paintball tournament series, promotes RaceTo three-man and five-man paintball tournaments at OXCC Paintball Park in Chesapeake City, Maryland, home of the PSP Mid-Atlantic Open and NPPL Northeast Open. With an experienced event staff, world-class referees, a pro-level venue and a remarkable prize package at every event, the MAPL is dedicated to the teams and players who are the league’s valued customers. The MAPL gratefully acknowledges its sponsors for the 2013 season: Valken Paintball, Bob Long Technologies, Planet Eclipse, Exalt, Virtue, Crossfire, Raza, PaintballX3 Magazine and the newest companies to join the MAPL family, Deadlywind and Pinokio!

The Mid-Atlantic Paintball League
2941 Old Telegraph Road
Chesapeake City, MD  21915
(302) 449-6686

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