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Bear's Bizness #1

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  • Wednesday, 26 June 2013 19:46
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After a long journey around the world and back twice, on an extra layover I have finally found time to settle down and hop behind my laptop to write up some bizness. 

The first thing I want to write about is the art of running and shooting. Running and shooting is something so essential to any professional paintball player and player in general. When a good player can perfect his shooting game he can significantly increase the amount of people he shoots a game, as well as the effectiveness of holding lanes.  A great drill for running and shooting is something I learned as young child growing up at SC Village in California.  When I was younger I used to train with the Ironmen, and we used to get soccer balls and roll them from one bunker to another, while a teammate on the opposite side of the field would shoot the ball, and then run and shoot to the next bunker shooting at the ball.  For this drill you need two players, and one round ball you can roll, this is a great practice drill. 

Another drill, that is more for the advanced player, and to work on your personal running and shooting is something I use several times throughout the week at Hollywood Sports night games. I place 3 pods at three separate bunkers, I hold my 3…2…1… stance, and then signal myself running to the corner of field, aiming and trying to shoot all three pods. This is great for quickness, precision, and honing in on your skill.

On another topic, a lot of people tend to ask me, what I eat before and after I compete at tournaments and at practices weekly. I think it's very important to highlight hydration rather than food, it's important to absorb appropriate proteins and natural fats while competing, buts it's also very important to stay hydrating. Every weekend I play or I compete, I always drink 80-90 ounces two of three days leading up to the practice, and events. I also mix in a Gatorade or two during competing and practicing to keep my body energized and replenishes my electrolytes. Hydration does not come the day of an event or practice but, rather 1 or 2 days leading up to the event.

It's important to fully understand the spectrum of what your body physically and mentally goes through when sliding and diving, as well as running all over the field carrying 10-15 pounds of gear. You really need to maintain the body’s full function and maintenance, just like you lube your gun. Always, always, upgrade the whole deal, never leave anything to bet. Stay hydrated, and stay honing in on your skills, to become a full-certified Jedi master, ninja killing machine, with full credentials in the field of dominating.

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