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GI Sports 5 Star Paintballs

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  • Wednesday, 02 January 2013 14:38
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Recommended for top level tournaments only! Precision made by people who know what teams need to win. Solid Metallic shells with ultra bright “Event” Fills.The benchmark in pro-level and pro circuit play. Used by all our Sponsored Winning Teams and secretly sought out by all levels of competitive teams thirsting for the winner’s podium!

This ball gives teams a big advantage over those using anything less. Exceptional break-ability combined with the very best “Hard to Wipe” fills giving maximum splat coverage on impact.

Our 5-Star paint is a proven winner and a must for all serious ‘ballers, definitely NOT FOR RECREATIONAL PLAY.

Brittle purple or red metallic solid shell with death yellow and orange “Unwipe-able” fills.


• Solid Color Dark Metallic Shell
for stealthy flight
• Ultra Bright hard-to-wipe
• Pin point accuracy combined with
Extreme Brittleness for off-the-break
• Resealable Foil Bag ensuring paint
freshness for future use

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