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Saturday, 29 December 2012 18:47

2012 World Cup Asia - Malaysia

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The Paintball World Cup Asia 2012 came and went and what an unforgettable event it was! The event was held at the indoor, air-conditioned and astro-turfed Mahsuri International Exhibition Centre on the ‘Isle of Legends’; Langkawi, Malaysia and was rated as ‘Paintball Event of the Year 2011’ by The venue was a walking distance from the Langkawi Airport as well as the official hotel (One Helang Hotel), making the location super convenient to find and commute to.

The packed 4-day tournament kicked off with a clinic by LA Infamous, followed by a clinic Maximus Lundqvist(formerly of Stockholm Joy Division) and a seminar by San Diego Dynasty.

Participants of the event (200 teams over 4 divisions from over 25 different nations) spent majority of Thursday walking the field as well visiting the vendor village for new gears from Napshot, ProPaintball Resources, Skirmish Asia, Paintball Heaven, HK Army, Maximum Customs, Anthrax Paintball,, Planet Eclipse, KEE, SLY, GI Sportz, Tippmann, Gelkaps, Bob Long, Virtue, Empire and Dye Paintball. A Planet Eclipse Tech Class was held in the evening followed by official team tabulations and drawings at night.

Among the tournament guest list was Her Royal Highness the Princess of Kedah, Malaysia as the Royal Advisor who was present as the Patron of the Opening of the event. The former Prime Minister of Malaysia (1981-2003); Tun Dr. Mahathir Mohamad was present at the closing dinner to present the winning team’s prizes. Both esteemed guests provided some much-needed grace and formality to the event and have shown tremendous support in the tournament before in 2011.

Not to be outdone by Royalty and past Prime Ministers, WCA 2012 also had other famous attendees.  Team Destiny of USA and Team Poison Ivy of Norway, Bear D’Egidio, Sonny Lopez and  Tony Perez of LA Hitmen,  Gary Baum of, Rody Huibers & Siegie Kelly of RSH Media and‘s Israel Lagares, Billy Ceranski and Kevin Mahoney of KEE, Ledz of Planet Eclipse, Laurent Hammet, Thierry Parent and Ulrich Stahr of Millennium Series. That’s just the tip of the iceberg!

Preliminary games started on Friday with an individual field for the 4 divisions competing. Marshaling was conducted by a combination of Asia Refs and EuroRefs. Being indoors, the rainy weather did not interrupt the progress of the schedule. In fact, some games ran ahead of schedule! The Division 1 field had live feed cams for the main field which also was the field for the Intercontinental Cup games.

Teams fought hard to make it to Sunday, although the poor lighting, slippery floors (from the amount of paint dropping) and bunkers covered in paint. Competition was intense as Division 4 had 44 teams, Division 3 had 46 teams, Division 2 had 28 teams and Division 1 had 19 teams. At the end of it all, only the strongest teams emerged to fight for the top 4 spots of each division.

One of the highlights of the event is the Intercontinental Cup, which was held during the evenings from Friday through to Sunday. This was a special tournament where you’d get the rare chance to see representatives of the NAPBF, SAPBF, APPBF, AFPBF and EPBF going against each other.

Participating teams included defending champions, Toulouse TonTons, San Diego Dynasty, Edmonton Impact, South America AllStars, Apocalypse (South Africa). Also participating are Asia/Oceania representatives, Datis (Iran), Infernal (Thailand), Xtioneers (Malaysia) and STK (Australia), these teams were the top 4 best teams of the Paintball-Asia League Series (PALS) 2011.

In the end, it was San Diego Dynasty, LA Infamous, Edmonton Impact and Thailand’s Infernal were to play the semi-finals. Unfortunately, the games were rushed in order to accommodate a schedule conflict, resulting in Edmonton Impact emerging as the victors for Intercontinental Cup.

Thailand’s best, Infernal made it to 3rd runner up for the Intercontinental Cup as well as the Champions of WCA 2012 (beating Australia’s STK) which also crowned them the PALS 2012 series champion.

Despite the little bumps in the road, it did nothing to ruin the utterly amazing event put together by PALS Event and AKR Events. Participants from around the world had a great time, all round. Many said WCA 2011 couldn’t get any better, now everyone can’t imagine what WCA2013 would be like. What WCA2012 lacked in organization, it makes up for in Spades with its atmosphere of fun, friendliness and love of paintball.


Official Paintball World Cup Asia 2012 Results:
Intercontinental Cup

Champion – Edmonton Impact

1st Runner up – San Diego Dynasty

2nd Runner up – Los Angelas Infamous

3rd Runner up – Infernal (Thailand)

Division 1


Champion – Infernal (Thailand)

1st Runner up – STK (Australia)

2nd Runner up – Nemesis Legion (Malaysia)

3rd Runner up – Xtioneers (Malaysia)

Division 2


Champion – Votolocos (Malauysia)

1st Runner up - Dodo Flinguers (France)

2nd Runner up - Republik CMX (Malaysia)

3rd Runner up - Demonz Hitt (Malaysia)


Division 3

Champion - East Coast Legion (Malaysia)

1st Runner up – Duckside (Malaysia)

2nd Runner up - CMX Hamoon (Malaysia)

3rd Runner up – Heartbreakers (Singapore)


Division 4

Champion - Tallybun X (Malaysia)

1st Runner Up – Xcavatos (Malaysia)

2nd Runner Up - Mad Bunnies (Malaysia)

3rd Runner Up - Muar Royal City (Malaysia)

PALS 2012 Season overall Champions


Division 1 – Infernal (Thailand)

Division 2 – Votolocos (Malaysia)

Division 3 – Golden Dragons (Myanmar/Philippines/Malaysia)

Division 4 – Xcavatos (Malaysia)   

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