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Tuesday, 04 December 2012 00:00

2012 Med Cup

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Scandinavian paintball doesn’t start until mid to late May due to the cold weather conditions, so for this event headed south to warmer climates and HOT paintball.

This time we found ourselves on our yearly season kick-off trip with Slagen Bandits, heading to Thessaloniki, Greece and the newly formed Med League.  When we left early on the 18th of April it was -5 c in both Norway and Sweden and as it would be in Scandinavia – snow.  We arrived in the early afternoon in warm (+21c) Greece.  We were met by our host, Konstantinos Papapanagiotou,owner ofAnthrax Custom Paintball Jerseys.  He drove us to our hotel, which was a wonderful place and only fifty meters from the beautiful Greek beach and warm waters!

Once settled in we checked out our environment and the Greek food!  Situated across from our hotel was a wonderful “fast food” restaurant that served authentic Greek Gyros!  I was in heaven!  The hotel that Kostantinos suggested was very nice and very reasonably priced.  We would be joined by the marshaling crew as well as Brussels Crossfire in our hotel the following day. 


We accompanied Konstantinos, his wife Nil and friend Akis to a amazing traditional Greek restaurant in the evening.  We were treated to many different types of delicacies from the Mediterranean region.  After six Bandits and two HyBrid’s could eat no more we all returned to our hotel for a much needed nights rest after a long days traveling.

Thursday found us once more exploring our surroundings.  Greece was an amazing place with many things to see.  We dined by the sea for brunch and in the evening were guests at our host’s home.  And what evening would not be complete without watching the PSP webcast!  Matthew from Copenhagen Synergy decided to take a trip down to Greece as well and joined us Thursday evening. 

Friday would be a day of practice for the Bandits as they had not had the opportunity to shoot paint yet this season.  Three more familiar faces joined us on Friday, Charly, Jay and Daniel from the Spanish SPL team FiveStar.  Together with Matthew and Beat Bächi from Consillim Dei they would form Anthrax HyBrids for the weekend play in both 3man and 5man.  The field was home to SKG Titians and very nicely laid out.  The layout for the event was a modified 2011 London Millennium Series layout.  Friday evening was just as exciting as the other days! We tore ourselves away from the webcast to attend the player’s party thrown by Anthrax at the Dogs Club in central Thessaloniki.

”Greek time” as they called it was a bit difficult to get used to.  The three-man event was scheduled to begin at 12 however with only ten 10 teams it was not necessary to rush the start.  Around 2pm the action started.  Three-man race to 2 didn’t take much time to whittle down the teams to the top 8.  As the action was getting hot on the field a full lamb was getting roasted on the spit.  Once more our Greek hosts pulled out all stops and put on a wonderful Greek BBQ.

After a short break for food and to set up the semi and final rounds we were back in action.  Crossfire, Dogs d’Amour 1, Slagen Bandits Young, Slagen Bandits Old, Anthrax HyBrids, Titans, Balkan Brothers and Barbarians were the last ones standing after the prelims.  After another quick round we were down to four teams.  It would be both Slagen teams plus, Crossfire, and Dogs d’Amour 1 taking it into the semis.  We would see Crossfire playing strong all day take out Dogs d’Amour 1 to take 1st place and the two Slagen Bandits team battling old players vs young players for 3rd and 4th place.  It would be the young ones over the old ones and landing Slagen Bandit Young on the podium for 3rd place.

Once three-man was over we headed into a mini Nations’ Cup event.  It was a  five-man race to 3 format.  Since there were teams from four different countries attending the Med Cup we had Norway, Greece, Cyprus and Bulgaria representing in the mini event.  Three of the countries representing had the opportunity to practice with paint.  Team Norway had been almost 6 months without paint practice.  However it didn’t show as they easily beat Cyprus, Greece and Bulgaria to take home the Nations Cup for this leg of the Med League.

Sunday morning we would be more adjusted to ”Greek time” and started at 9am sharp.  Sixteen teams would participate in the 5-man event.  Only eight would move on through the pre-lims.  One team started with five players in the prelims but due to a plane to catch they would be down one player before the prelims would be finished.  That didn’t stop the Anthrax HyBrids as they stepped up their game and took it on into the semis.  They would beat out three other teams to make it to 5th place for the day only to loose to Crossfire and be eliminated from going further.  Top four teams would end up being SKG Titans, Brussels Crossfire, Androids Thessaloniki and Dogs d’Amour. 

Crossfire played very strong throughout the weekend.  Today would be no different.  Titans would down Dogs d’Amour and Crossfire would take out Androids to take them into the finals.  When the dust cleared it would be the fast playing Brussels Crossfire once more in the 1st place spot on the podium.  We would finish out our warm paintball weekend in Greece with a pizza bash at our host’s home watching the PSP webcast.  Within 24hrs we would be on our way back to cold Scandinavia with warm memories of Greece.

The Med League is turning out to be a promising series based in the Mediterranean region.  It is cooperating with the Hellenic League this season.  The organizers did a wonderful job for this inugaral event.  Next up in the Med League is the Mountain Cup in Bansko Bulgaria June 16-17.  Next year the Med League is promising a 4 to 5 event full series. 

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