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Tuesday, 04 December 2012 00:00

HotBall 2012 series

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Moscow Paintball Summer!

As I hope you know Moscow is not always covered with snow and ice. Yes, we have summer too! And we have summer outdoor tournaments as well. The summer series HotBall started in May and continues through until the end of September. The series is aimed at all levels of professionalism – from Division Four, 5-man paintball to Division One Race2 Four X-Ball along with Russian teams that you often see playing in Europe.

Every event gathers more than 45 teams from different cities of Russia and the Ukraine. It is a good practice for those who play in Europe and good time for those who play for fun or have just started in paintball. The organizers do their best to turn every tournament into paintball festive occasion! Cheerleading girls, non-stop music, swimming pool, Red Bull giveaways, contents and prizes – that is just the beginning of what paintballers get for coming to HotBall!


You can find all types of paintballers at the event. Youth teams (at least two) that will form Russian Youth National team for Millennium event, girls paintballers (Valkyries female team, many girls in mixed teams), well known teams (Desperados, Coyotes, Polar Bears, Hulk, Freestyle and others) and well known Russian players guest playing on teams (Yan Samoylov, Sergey Sam Samuylov, Dmitry Berdnikov, Sergey Senatorov and many many others).

The second tournament of the series opened the new Arena Palace field. The honor of the first game was given to Division Four on the 23rd of June. The field is awesome – brand new turf, tents for players, swimming pool, trade show, and café – all you need for a great day of paintball and fun! The construction of Arena Palace will be finished closer to autumn and by that time there will be two outdoor fields (Millennium and PSP) and an all-weather Millennium field with an administrative building (hotel, changing rooms with showers, shop, doctor, sauna) with great amenities for players and spectators!

The final event that will take place in September will have a female league devoted to the ten-year anniversary of the Valkyries female team. So we invite all girls’ teams to attend the event. It will be a blast.

Follow our page on Facebook to see the latest updates. And welcome to Russia and Russian paintball!

Ekaterina Minaeva

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