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Tuesday, 04 December 2012 00:00

2012 Norwegian Masters

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This year’s paintball season has flown by so quickly.  It was already time for the showdown to see who was the best of the best in Norway.  Once again the hosting field for the Norwegian Masters would be Slagen Paintball, one of Norway’s premiere paintball sites.

The field layout was designed by Paul Richards, Tampa Bay Damage head coach.  The layout was quite interesting and challenging to play.  As in past events the layout was kept a secret until a few days before the event.  Fifty-five teams came to Slagen to see if they could walk away with the bragging rights that they were the best team in Norway, only 12 would walk away with medalions and trophies to prove it. The formats that would be played at this Masters was Xball, traditional 5-man, traditional 3-man and 3-man ball limited.  

What amazing weather we had for this event! Players from Mash Paintball Arena provided the weekend’s marshaling crew and kept the games running smoothly and on time.  Over the period of two days more than 200 matches were played.  Day one would set the pace for the weekend as Xball and traditional 3-man matches were up first.


Twelve XBall teams took to the turf field while eleven man teams took to the natural grass field.  Drammen Solid, who normally marshal the Norwegian events, had a break from marshal duties this event and played quite well through the day and found themselves heading into the finals rounds.  Izmir Collision fielded their Norwegian players for this event and easily cruised into the finals rounds as well.  Drammen Sabotage, farm team for Solid comprised of players under 18yrs old, also found themselves heading into the final rounds. Mayhem elite would round out the top four fighting for the bragging rights.  All four teams played the unique layout all day long with tactical ease.  Going into the semis it would be Izmir vs Sabotage and Mayhem vs Solid.  Izmir defeated Sabotage sending them to the finals.  Sabotage would end up playing Mayhem for third and fourth while Solid and Izmir would come to a showdown for first and second.  The match of the top two teams was played well and evenly matched up, however it would be Izmir taking the top honors with Solid taking second.  The young team of Sabotage would defeat Mayhem and would take their place on the podium in third place.  

The 3-man division moved quickly and finished before the X-Ball teams, which gave the XBall marshals time to switch out a few people and allow the others to take a break and refuel.  Armageddon would take their spot on the first place podium followed by Justice League, Salvation Army and Mayhem 1.  Slagen Paintball’s owner, Ole-Henrik Aker and his wife Mia cooked up an amazing full pig on the spit for player to enjoy after a long hard day of playing.  

Day two came all too early.  Today we would see twenty-five, 5-man teams face off head to head and seven 3-man pod limited teams finish out the weekend full of Norwegian paintball.

In the 5-man division we would see the X-Ball winners resurface as Kakkas Banakkas as well as youth team Sabotage. It would take more than 100 preliminary matches to whittle down to the final four that would dominate the 2012 Norwegian Masters.  PBGear, Rebels, Sabotage and Kakkas Banakkas would face off in the semis. It would be Kakkas Banakkas playing Rebels for first and second as well as Sabotage facing off against PBGear.  Kakkas Banakkas would take their second win this weekend (Izmir Collision under name Kakkas Banakkas) followed by Rebels.  Sabotage would also take their second 3rd place win this event and PBGear would round out the top four.

Three-man ball limited was introduced at last year’s Norwegian Masters event.  Each team was allowed one hopper each as well as two pods for the entire team.  Skill and planning were necessary for teams to succeed.  This year’s masters would be Inglorious Badgers Jr (youth team) Followed by Slagen Bandits Brown, Salvation Army Jr and Justice League Jr.  Once more the day would be followed by a full roasted pig on the spit.  

As teams packed up and headed for parts unknown, they were reminded that the last event of the season would be held in three short weeks at Indre Østfold Paintball September 8-9 2012.

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