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Tuesday, 04 December 2012 00:00

Black Karma

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Blake, what is the history of the Black Karma Paintball? When did the team form? Who started the team?
Black Karma formed the beginnings of our team back in the fall of 2007 with myself and Mike Tyler being two of the original members.  The team was born of very traditional roots in northern Alabama –son gets hooked, then gets father hooked, father gets friend hooked, friend gets brother-in law hooked, and so on.  We kept meeting up with a trio of guys out of Nashville at every scenario and asked them to join up with us since we were hanging out at every event anyway.  We have continued to grow from there with friends, family and players we have met at events along the way.

What are the team goals for this season and beyond?
Black Karma’s goal every time we pick up a paintball marker is to have fun.  If you’re not having fun, you’re doing something wrong.  Also, we strive to play with so much honor and integrity on the field it inspires others to do the same.

Has the team won any awards or honors over the years?
Black Karma has been honored to earn several Most Valuable Team Awards, multiple Sportsmanship Awards and many of our teammates have earned Most Valuable Player Awards.

How many members does the team have?
Currently, we have 18 people on our team.  Naturally not everyone can make every event but we usually average around 10-12 at our big scenario games.

Are you/team  sponsored? By which companies?
Black Karma is sponsored by Planet Eclipse.  Planet Eclipse has been making a strong push into scenario paintball over the past few years and we have been proud to be supported by them.

Where has the team played in the past?
We have played the vast majority of our games in the southeastern US.  We all live here in the southeast and we are fortunate to have first class fields relatively close by and pretty good weather year round.

What is your personal favorite event to play in?
Personally, I love playing in the October game at Bear Claw Paintball.  The weather is always perfect for paintball and it’s always a killer game.  This year there will be a night time beach landing which will surely be amazing.

What's the farthest the team has traveled to an event?
With great fields less than 2 hours in any direction, we do not travel long distances to play very often.  The farthest we have traveled is about 6 hours and then it was a scorcher of a game. 

Do you have a favorite place to travel to?
Hands down, Bear Claw Paintball is our favorite field to play.  We spend so much time there we went ahead and built our own bunkhouse there. Without a doubt, Bear Claw Paintball is our favorite field.  It’s a big diverse field meant for big games.  Big beach landings with smoke and pyrotechnics before you even get into all the forts, bunkers and buildings all throughout the woods.  The staff there always makes you feel at home.

Have you ever played outside of the US?
We have not been able to venture abroad to play paintball yet.  However, we would love to be able to make it to the UK Big Game.

If you could change one thing about paintball, what would it be?
One thing we would really like to see change in paintball is the hyper aggressive win at all cost attitudes.  Play paintball to have fun and because you love playing.

What do you love and not love about paintball?
The best thing about paintball for us is the friendships we make on and off the field.  The camaraderie we have from this sport is rarely found these days.

What's in the future for the team?
Our vision for the future of Black Karma is bright.  We see growth of our team in roster size as well growth in our presence in the sport.  One thing we are really looking forward to is competing in the UWL.  Hopefully we will make a few events next year and see how well we stack up with other teams in the woods.

Anything else you'd like to add?
If anyone would like to get more info about us or see where we’re playing next check out www.blackkarma.org and wwww.facebook.com/blackkarmapaintball

Thanks Blake!
We’ll see you on the field!

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