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Tuesday, 04 December 2012 00:00

NPPL Surf City Open, Huntington Beach 2012

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This year marked 10 years of the NPPL being on the beach in Huntington Beach and ironically enough this event almost didn’t happen.  At this point, the NPPL appears to have come full circle within the industry.  When the NPPL was reformed after bankruptcy four years ago it appeared there was not much support from the industry, in fact that first year being USPL it was a little like going to a regional event.  Little by little the industry came back around to support the NPPL and things started going well, until this last year when all the merger talks failed.  The industry strongly believes that there should only be one league or maybe it’s that they only want to support one league, I’m not really sure right now.  Fact is, the largest companies are backing the PSP and they have a strong track record but the PSP is also owned by some of the same industry companies that don’t seem to be supporting the NPPL.

 With that being said, despite the struggles the NPPL was facing, Huntington Beach was still a go and on top of it holding the first event with a new format could have been disastrous if no one liked it.  But, luckily for the league the teams and players not only liked it, they loved it!  I did not hear one negative thing about the format, only the opposite and with much enthusiasm.  The success of the new format and moving the event back to the north side of the pier made for what many have been saying to be the best HB event in the past 10 years.  The NPPL sold over a 1,000 grandstands and VIP tickets in presale alone for the 4-day event.  Per day, the grandstands saw 3,000-4,000 spectators and the VIP received 3,000 spectators over the 4 days.  VIP was also being hosted and stocked by Hooters.  Overall, the 4 day event brought in over 35,000 spectators, with Saturday being the peak of paintball goers.  As well, it is such a great area with plenty of food options, shopping areas and many hotels in walking distance of the site.  You just cannot dispute that not only are you in an outstanding area right on the beach but you cannot find a more convenient and fun area to stay in.

There was a great showing of vendors on the beach as well, Bob Long, Guerilla Air, Spyder, Raza Paintball, Ninja, and Custom Products to name a few.  With two tiers of vendors it gave spectators plenty to look at and peruse between games.  And from the looks of it they were consistently selling through all 4-days.  As well, there was quite a bit of news and media coverage from the surrounding area with ABC, NBC, LA Times, TheDaily.com, HB Culture Magazine, MoralFree.com, OC Register, Channel 3, Chapman College News, OrangeCounty.com all promoting the sport and the event in such a positive light it helped generate even more spectators and will ultimately help expose the sport and industry to as many people as possible.

Just a refresher on how the new format works… its 7-man paintball in a race to five format.  So, two teams go out and play one point the result is one wins one loses, then they leave the field and two more teams step on and repeat.  The teams play as many points as necessary until one team reaches five points or the fifteen minute time limit is reached.  Four teams play at once then move off the field and then four more teams move onto the field.  If it comes down to a tied match, they play a 3 on 3 deciding point.  The new format had the promise of more action and bigger moves and trust me; it did not fail on that!  It took playing on a fine line of offense and defense to play and win in this new format.

We saw Sacramento XSV take first place in Huntington Beach with Tampa Bay Damage following in second.  And yes, by now we’ve all heard that there was a bit of over-shooting drama after the last match ended but what the XSV guys will remember is the feeling of winning the 10th Anniversary of an awesome event.  XSV definitely played at a top notch level that could not be beaten at this event, they won all their matches with the exception of one and that was their first match on Friday against Infamous.  The fan base of XSV is like no other, and this event showed no exception with the vast majority of the grandstands and VIP screaming “Beatdown…City” as often as possible.  Rich Telford (Captain and Owner of XSV) said of their win “It’s been way to long since we won.  So many times just barely missing the cut, I hope now we have put a solid enough team together so we can win a lot more events.  I had a great time at the best event in the world and I couldn’t be more proud of the team, both new and old players.  The way we worked together to smash people was perfect and it doesn’t get much better than that.”  Junior Brown added this about their win “We have been working on the team structure for the past 4 years as opposed to flying in the very best from across North America.  Rich and I have gathered young talent to build on and work with.  Assembling top talent is only a short term fix”. 

Congratulations to all the placing teams and good luck in Chicago!  To see all the action and games from the Huntington Beach webcast, please visit http://www.youtube.com/user/NPPLWORLDSERIES

For more information about the NPPL, events and complete standings, visit http://www.nppl.com/

Event Results:

Pro Division (Race to 5)

  • 1st – Sacramento XSV
  • 2nd – Tampa Bay Damage
  • 3rd – San Diego Dynasty
  • 4th – Arsenal

Division 1 (Semi-Pro) (Race to 5)

  • 1st – Texas Storm
  • 2nd – Camp Pendleton Raiders
  • 3rd – Impact Echo
  • 4th – Dynasty 2

Division 2 7-man

  • 1st – Arsenal Kidz
  • 2nd – Camp Pendleton Raiders
  • 3rd – Max’d Kidz
  • 4th – Wicked

Division 3 7-man

  • 1st – Good For Nothing
  • 2nd – Paintball Addix
  • 3rd – High Intensity
  • 4th – Philly Notorious

Division 4 7-man

  • 1st – DMG
  • 2nd – Good For Nothing II
  • 3rd – Midway MOB
  • 4th – Fuzion Rage

Division 3 (Race to 4)

  • 1st – WC Grizzlies
  • 2nd – DC Onslaught
  • 3rd – Centermass
  • 4th – Poison Ivy

Division 4 (Race to 4)

  • 1st – RIT Tigers Orange
  • 2nd – mayhem
  • 3rd – NXN
  • 4th – RIT Tigers Black

Pump (Race to 2)

  • 1st – Henchmen
  • 2nd – West Coast Sharks 2
  • 3rd – Ronin
  • 4th – A.P.C.
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