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Ninja Paintball Tour - 100% Made in the USA. Machine shop, interviews, and everything!

Uploaded By: admin. Added on: 07 December 2013.
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Hustle Paintball cruises out to Chicago, IL to tour one of the most impressive facilities in the paintball industry! Ninja Paintball makes 100% of their products in the US, and machines most of their own stuff in-house! This is easily one of the most comprehensive and impressive tours of any paintball facility in the world. Join us in supporting one of the best companies in paintball who makes the finest tank and regulator in the world.

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Email videos@hustlepaintball.com or call 303-800-4194 with questions, comments, and other video suggestions, and remember you can find all of the paintball product you need at http://www.hustlepaintball.com.





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