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Deaf Paintball Player: Timothy Irvin Jr.

Uploaded By: admin. Added on: 23 November 2013.
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Dave Painter: "So I've known Tim Jr. for probably the better part of 5-6 years. He's been coming to the field playing paintball, mostly the tournament ball. He started playing in our 5 man series coming out with his Dad and his brother, Nick. Over the years I've noticed that Tim has really gotten stronger as a player, really starting to make some adjustments to compensate for his lack of hearing. In the beginning he was a really quiet player, he was real aggressive getting out to a bunker. However, he would get stuck out on an island, out there entirely on his own. It is very challenging for him and his teammates to communicate with each other. I've noticed this year that he's been making some verbal noises to get his teammates attention, as well as using hand signals to indicate where players are. Really its what he has to do to compensate".
Eddie Painter: "The first thing that strikes you when you watch Tim play is his field awareness, its crazy good. He is more field aware than half the people playing in FoXball, which I'm blown away by and I still don't know how he does it. You can see his presence affecting his team when he is on the field. They play a lot more confidently. You can see basically all of that going down. He's a really good and agressive player. He knows when to move and when not to move".
Timothy Irvin: "I've been playing paintball now for over 25 years. Now i play with my 2 sons. Tim has been great. To see his play and grow into the sport is really something to watch. Not hearing anything. We put him on d-side. A lot of people ask, "What about communication?". There is none. Tim always showed an interest in playing the sport since he was little, finally he got to play when he was like 12. Ever since then he's been tearing up the field. He's on d-side, alone with no communication. He does his job and he does it well. He's a great kid, a great paintball player. His goal is to be the first deaf, pro paintball player. I really hope that happens for him, I love the kid, he's great.


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