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Skillkilla you get my message ? You still in?
- 3 years ago
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  • Thursday, 03 January 2013 22:23
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  • Skillkilla you get my message ? You still in?
    profile 932 days ago
  • 112 members and all I see is us three. Weeble where you at?
    profile 935 days ago
  • Deeznuts where do you hail from? Your not in colorado are you
    profile 935 days ago
  • Thank Skillkilla now I'm looking into a luxe
    profile 935 days ago
  • steve 719 994 6427
    profile 939 days ago
  • Right on glad to see your back the site wouldn't let me do anything for 10 days I thought it was done for.
    profile 939 days ago
  • Battle for marseille at hooligans hole it should be a good time possibly no kids and he doesn't rent guns so no walk ons look up hooligans hole on YouTube to see the field it good no trees but lots of bunkers he built a town compleate with saloon chapel data center ect.
    profile 948 days ago
  • Hey admin what happened to the giveaway?
    profile 948 days ago
  • If anyone is interested my buddy is having a scenario game at his own private field out by pikes peak raceway it is 25$ fee with air and comes with lunch it's BYOP. It's Feb. 16th if you look on craigslist and search paintball his add is up there
    profile 948 days ago
  • Yeah shoot I was paying 70 at least at pba in castle rock like 50$ for their paint and 30 fife old fee and air but it is a great field and well run the refs are good and fair. Blitz is good bring your own paint I paid like 25$ for field fee and air but they won't fill to 4k so I have to air up after every match. Pueblo has a field byop 25$ fee an air but run by stupid teenagers. Haven't tried allstar yet or the new one covert ops down here in the springs.
    profile 948 days ago
  • Shoot I'm still here just been working a lot we have had unseasonably warm weather here. I was wondering about the giveaway too. I still have yet to receive my gift I won
    profile 951 days ago
  • Getting the ego ready for Sunday yeah buddy
    • Getting the ego ready for Sunday yeah buddy
    photos 960 days ago
  • Thinking allstar PB in the springs on Sunday. It's supposed to warm up down here
    profile 961 days ago
  • Who won this weeks AWSOME gift?
    profile 965 days ago
  • Dang boys I got the flu and can't play this weekend... I was going to come up north for a CPR class for my work too dang..
    profile 966 days ago
  • Sometimes I wonder just how good some of the guns are and if there worth the price like luxe or a g6r. But I am a planet eclipse man so I guess I can't talk lol I love my ego.
    profile 970 days ago
  • groups nschimpfle13 joined the group Colorado Paintball
  • How do I join colorado paintball?
    profile 972 days ago
  • Wow so grateful it has been a long time since I won anything. Thank you so much I like what your doing keep up the good work. Colorado represent!
    profile 972 days ago
  • friends skillkilla and nschimpfle13 are now friends
  • friends admin and nschimpfle13 are now friends
  • friends Weeble and nschimpfle13 are now friends
  • Such a nice day in colorado wish I was out on the field instead of work
    profile 973 days ago
  • friends nschimpfle13 and Deeznuts256 are now friends
  • There we go yeah buddy
    profile 973 days ago
  • uploaded a new avatar
    profile 973 days ago
  • Just noticed my photo avitar isn't showing up I put a pic in when I signed up ?
    profile 973 days ago
  • Greetings from Colorado Springs colorado I have been looking for people to play with out here it's getting cold so moving indoors. Anyone play out here?
    profile 973 days ago





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