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My name is James Schell I am a college student and love to play paintball. I have been playing since 2001. I love autocockers and how they work.

Thank you for your time.

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I haven't been seeing maybe people sign on to the site in a while hope people are still liking it as much as I am.
- 3 years ago
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  • Thursday, 03 January 2013 17:50
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  • I haven't been seeing maybe people sign on to the site in a while hope people are still liking it as much as I am.
    profile 1040 days ago
  • It's still cold out here but can't wait for paintball!!!
    profile 1040 days ago
  • Are they going to announce the winner for this past week.
    profile 1043 days ago
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    photos 1050 days ago
  • Does anyone know any good indoor places to play in PA it is winter and most of the indoor places I use to go to have shutdown.
    profile 1050 days ago
  • Welcome its nice to see you finally on here!
    profile 1051 days ago
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  • My friend just got a bunch of ccm parts for his autococker and is trying it out this weekend should be fun to see how this goes!
    profile 1053 days ago
  • Just saw the rumor video for empires new marker on social paintball has anyone else watched this it looks cool if this is true. Anyone have any thoughts on this?
    profile 1058 days ago
  • Nice to see yeah!
    profile 1060 days ago
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  • I don't know about anyone else but I am pumped for HK Army's new video coming out today. They always do an amazing job with there footage and editing.
    profile 1062 days ago
  • Hello everyone just made an account I started playing paintball in 2001 and play both scenario games and speedball. My favorite scenario game to attend is pump pandemonium at EMR paintball.
    profile 1062 days ago





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