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Splatmandu in Three Rivers, MI
Game play is from 12:00 noon to 4:00pm
The rules to this months installation of Into The Darkness 20213
This month there is a special rule!
ONE BALL: You place one ball in the feed neck of your gun at a time… shoot and repeat.
Hope to see ya'll there!


I haven't been seeing maybe people sign on to the site in a while hope people are still liking it as much as I am.


If you want a chance to come shot me for my birthday I and about 10 other guys and girls will be out playing at BLITZ Dacono on Saturday at 11! and There will be cake!


Skillkilla you get my message ? You still in?


PaintballX3 Social is back online!!!! Whoot! How's everyone doing?


Once again, we put all of the names of the qualified posters in a hat and pulled out a winner. This week's winner is none other than DirtDiver117. Congrats! You have won a Kingman Eraser Training Pistol AND a PaintballX3 Street Team T-Shirt! Please PM me your address.


Our good friend Michael Wise (Chrono 300) has a great PSP West Coast Open gallery up already - pro Friday game shots. Check 'em out here: https://www.facebook.com/media/set/?set=a.506576529422563.1073741826.115344045212482&type=1&l=6d7a62933a


Hello All, we''re announcing this past week's winner on Monday. Our office was closed on Friday....





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