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HK KLR Mask Sneak Peek Photos

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One of the new releases is the new mask by HK called the KLR.  The mask features a quick change lens system called PVT.LOCK.  This allows the user to quickly change lenses without the use of a prybar and hammer.  The hinge system allows the change of the lens with one quick snap of a buckle..thats it!  The days of foam comfort wear in any mask is over.  The KLR features 3D Memory Foam so that it conforms to the wearer's profile.  The memory foam has a microfiber layer laminated to the foam to absorb sweat and keep heat from entering the mask.  Ear protection is another feature addressed in the KLR.  With high compressed EVA foam the ear pieces remain low profile while protecting the players inner and outer ear.  Adding to all these features is the customization of mask straps, colors of the frame, ear pieces and a bevy of new lenses called KLR PURE.  KLR will be available December early January.  In the meantime head over to WWW.HKARMY.COM/KLR and learn more and get your chance to start making your own custom KLR mask system.






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