pbpromosOn February 25th, 2015, Paintball Promos International will host a launch party to unveil something that will revolutionize the pass and ticket industry and set a new industry standard for field marketing.  Here’s a sneak peek.  Can you figure out what the big news is?  Stay tuned!

When: February 25th, 2015
Where: EXTRAVAGANZA 2015-Hyatt Lobby at 6:00pm
Who’s Invited:  All Field Owners…any country!

If you going to be at the show, call, email or visit our booth. Party will be for Field Owners and media by invitation ONLY. Invites and drink tickets will be handed out throughout the first 2 days of the show and the seminar.  You can also email us at for your invite. Come for the news but stay for the drinks…(and appetizers)!

Seminar Name: Field Marketing – Building a Brand – The Next Level In Field Marketing and Management
Seminar Link (

Date: February 25th, 2015
Time:1:00pm -1:55pm
Speaker: Kalista Zackhariyas CEO, Managing Partner at Paintball Promos

See you there,

Paintball Promos Team

New Giant Tactical FreeFit Collection

gt01The new FreeFit Jerseys are made with all new anti-sweat, breathable mesh material, 4-Way stretch, extra soft triple stitched padding on the shoulders & elastic sponge as well as our exclusive Giant Tactical neck collar. The new Giant Tactical FreeFit Tee is made with an all new hyper 4-way stretch material with a unique anti-sweat & breathable material for game play for training.


What’s Going On PSP?

john in PortlandMake no mistake about it, Paintball Sports Promotions (PSP) runs the best national/international level paintball tournaments in the U.S., if not the world. The competition at PSP events is second to none, their webcasts are first class, their stat-keeping and reporting is everything you’d want out of a pro league and their events are run professionally. PSP puts on world class paintball tournaments and they do it consistently year after year. You knew there was a “but” coming, right?

Here’s the “but.” Too frequently something PSP-related inevitably leaks (purposefully or not) on a paintball forum or social media page that makes you shake your head. Why can’t the world’s largest and arguably best paintball league keep their negotiations, ideas and plans out of the media until they are ready to release it as official news?  All this does is create speculation, doubt, assumptions and negative will towards the PSP and its leadership.

This past week a rumor was leaked HERE that the PSP was only going to allow gear used by league sponsors in their 2015 events. In other words, if a paintball company did not pay a very hefty fee, players would not be allowed to use that company’s gear at PSP events. This created more than 2,000 posts on PbNation and thousands of speculative posts and comments on our Facebook page and other social media sites. A week of absolutely negative light shined on the league and the game itself as players–and paintball company representatives–weighed in on unofficial information about the PSP and this leaked information.

While players piled on in every way, creating degrading memes, threatening to boycott the league, and personally attacking members of the PSP, the league took seven days to respond.   Seven days.  What they did put on their own Facebook page was a PSP link promoting a tournament video from last year.  This is all their fans got—even after another 50 people literally begged them to respond to the rumors on their own Facebook page.

Okay, I get that you PSP may have been caught off guard by the leak (although I doubt that). Could you have at least posted on your own social media page, “We’ll have a response to the rumors in a few days” or something similar? The non-response reminded me of an “actual” response I got from Jerry Braun (in his PSP promotion days) after I criticized the Gettysburg tournament.  Jerry replied, “It doesn’t matter. We’re the only game in town and players have to play in our league.” In other words, “we’ll do whatever we want and nobody can do anything about it.” Saying nothing for seven days says a lot.

The game of paintball is in desperate need of leadership at every level. PSP, it’s time to lead with dignity. Nearly all of you at PSP were founding members of the NPPL, a league you started because the promoter at that time was doing exactly what you are doing at this time. You’re becoming everything you disliked about tournament paintball when you were members of the Ironmen, Bad Company and Team Image.

Lead with dignity, PSP. You do an amazing job five weeks out of the year. It’s time five becomes fifty two.

Bunkerkings and Virtue United in Sales, Marketing and Distribution Partnership

First seen at Two iconic paintball companies from New York are joining forces. In an agreement announced today, Bunkerkings has teamed up with Virtue to bring the best harness, along with the entire Bunkerkings product line-up to Virtue dealers, players, and teams.

“Bunkerkings is a name that has a history in the sport where the BK brand really transcends any individual product,” said Chris Williams, Vice President of Virtue Paintball, “However, when we saw how nicely the Supreme Pack worked with our Press Flick Pods we knew the design team at BK had innovated something really special.”

“Virtue is a great company that I have a long history with since way back in the day on NYX and Russian Legion,” said Alex Lundqvist Co-Founder of Bunkerkings, “We’re both based in New York, and our product lines are perfectly complementary. The best loader and goggle, meet the best pack and playing gear. And now with Virtue’s agreement with MacDev, we have the best guns in the mix. It’s great to see three top-tier names in the industry cooperating.”

In addition to cooperation on sales, marketing, and distribution, Bunkerkings are a key sponsor of Tampa Bay Damage, whose future was in question earlier this year until Virtue stepped in to keep the team going, with the help of MacDev, Bunker Kings and Damage will not only be using Bunker King harnesses and playing gear, but will also be debuting the new line of BK Jerseys, gloves, and more. Continue reading

Tom Cole Steps Down From PSP

tom_ColeFrom Tom Cole: It is with sincere regret that I would like to announce that I will be stepping down as General Manager of the PSP. I feel it is in my best interest to focus more of my time on advancing the UWL and building on the tremendous growth it has had over the past few years. I would like to thank the PSP Staff for the past three years of service. I have had some great experiences and built some lifelong friendships.

My goal has always been to bring to all of you the most amazing events possible, and I believe this change will allow myself the continued opportunity to do that. The paintball landscape is constantly evolving and it is not always in the fashion that we wish. I have nothing but respect for all the people that make the PSP happen. I wish them all the best of luck in the future, and hope that we can all work together to continue to help the sport of paintball grow in a positive manner. I am looking forward to what the future holds.