New Product Spotlight

Sport Smoke Grenades and Pouches
bfg_smoke_grenade_pouch_angles_multiSport Smoke attended the 2014 Paintball Extravaganza with their full line of American-made smoke grenades and new Molle compatible pouches. Offering safe, reliable and affordable smoke grenades to enhance any scenario or tactical paintball event and now offering MOLLE pouches to carry them around in, Sport Smoke pouches are durable and offer a tailor-made way to haul around smoke grenades, while their grenades are a great choice when you need to…well…pop smoke!

Pinokio SPEED
speedhopperThough already available via a “soft launch” just before Christmas 2013, the Pinokio SPEED hopper was a hit at the 2014 Extravaganza thanks in no small part to the postal scale the company brought to the show. Those who took the time to stop by the Pinokio booth were shown that the SPEED weighs well under 15 ounces with its two nine-volt batteries inserted, making it an incredibly light high-speed paintball hopper. Constructed from durable nylon shells to prevent feed neck cracks, able to feed over 20 paintballs per second, be cleaned and maintained without tools and use existing Exalt feed gates for faster reloading, the Pinokio SPEED impressed at the Extravaganza and by Thursday the company was selling display models to satisfy excited new dealers!

TGR One Limited Edition
TGR1-W-960x480The TGRONE features a unique sound amplifying muzzle that enhances the sound signature of the marker and intimidates your enemies.

Interchangeable Grips
The TGRONE comes standard with an ergonomic grip that is interchangeable with most real steel AR-15 grips as well as airsoft M4/M16 GBB grips.

MK16 Air-Thru Stock
The TGRONE Limited Edition model features a MK16 Style Folding Air-Thru Stock that is fully adjustable with an integrated cheek rest.
New Desert Bronze Metallic Finish
One-Piece CNC Machined Aluminum Upper Receiver
9? Smooth-Bore Aluminum Barrel
Sound Amplifying Muzzle Break
SCAR MK-16 Style Folding Rear Stock
Adjustable Flip-Up Front & Rear Sights
18 Rnd & 12 Rnd Magazine

Bauer Compressors
SONY DSCWhile they may not necessarily have hit the 2014 Paintball Extravaganza with anything flashy, mind-boggling or Earth-shattering, it’s certainly mind-boggling and Earth-shattering when a paintball park, tournament or major scenario event can’t give paying customers 4500psi air fills. That’s when a day at the paintball field is no fun. The way paintball fields and stores can ensure that their customers absolutely always have a full air bottle is to team up with the experts at Bauer Compressors. These guys know how to produce a high-tech, high-quality compressor capable of handling any high pressure air task a paintball pro-shop or park might need, then stand behind that product with world-class service. Paintballs don’t fly without air. A Bauer Compressor is how you make that air. End of story.

30 New Products In 30 Days #6: Lurker Paintball’s Paragon Marker

IMG_6497At this year’s Paintball Extravaganza the Lurker Paintball Paragon was one of the most talked-about products. Check out some of the marker’s features:

  • Patent Pending Eigenvalve technology with Clutch system
  • Self-compensating, recoil canceling valve
  • Dwell insensitive
  • Magnetic valve return
  • 100 psi operating pressure
  • 4 critical dynamic seals
  • Autococker threaded Eigenbarrel v.3, 15”
  • Among the lightest weight tournament markers available
  • Lightweight bolt design
  • Soft face
  • 2 stage speed, low force bolt action
  • Hardcoat anodized bolt
  • Integrated feedneck detent
  • Popular ridge and groove feedneck mounting
  • Asymmetric force nubbin style breech detents with relief
  • Tool less disassembly
  • All seals off-the-shelf
  • Nearly vertical frame

Interview With Ryan Kenaley of Lurker Paintball

lurkerpbCan you give us a brief history of your company?
Lurker Paintball was founded in 2006, when we began selling lightweight rams for the Intimidator series of markers. The response was so tremendous that over the years we accumulated a line of hard parts upgrades that now includes rams, bolts, valves and barrels.

How did you get into the game of paintball?
My brother and I started playing in 2002. I was hooked, and all my friends bought entry level markers to play in the woods. Eventually we got in to airball at the local field. All the time that we were playing, I was fascinated by the technical side of paintball, especially the markers. Why did they make this part this way? Why isn’t it like this. Eventually I started finding there was a lot of room for improvement and the rest is history.

How did the Paintball Extravaganza go for you?
It was a very exciting event for us – the big splash we made with the Paragon really had people buzzing around our booth. We had a lot of interest from players and dealers, and so we’re very encouraged by the state of the game. It was great seeing all the new products, and all the people that are really enthusiastic about the industry. It was also humbling to interact with some of the biggest names in paintball, all under one roof!

What are your best selling products and why?
Our Axe and Mini products, as well as our barrels sell extremely well. I believe that this is because we always aim for performance that is at the top of any class we enter, with a price below the market average. Our barrels have the highest velocity gain of almost any barrel tested due to the 9.3″ control bore, yet a 5 piece kit costs less than $100 shipped.

Anything new in the works that you can tell us about?
Our cards are mostly on the table, one item that didn’t make the cut at PBE was our Luxe Eigenbolt. This draws on our Shocker bolt technology to improve the efficiency of that platform. We’re very excited about releasing that before this season begins in full. Most of our design effort this year has gone into the Paragon, but we also have some Dangerous Power G series upgrades in the works.

What are your goals for 2014 and beyond?
Our goal for 2014 is a successful and punctual launch of the Paragon marker. We’re very encouraged by the technical data we have so far, so making sure the execution of this product happens in a timely fashion is very important to us. We also aim to continue to provide a high level of customer service as we expand.

Anything else you’d like to add?
Special thanks to everyone who helped us get to where we are today – My design partner Steve, Gabe at PB Mechanix and Lurker, PBNation, Simon Stevens of Inception Designs, Cliff at Metal Mods, Jin Oh, John from Ironic Designs, and Trevis from Trevis Meseroll Designs.

30 New Products in 30 Days, #5: Milsig M17

msig-m17-cqc-2The Milsig M17 is one of the most talked-about products in paintball right now and for good reason. The revolutionary mechanical full automatic line of paintball markers are designed to be the finest of MagFed markers on the planet. From hardcore MagFed play to scenario big games, these markers will take your MagFed experience to the next level.

We recently caught up with Aaron Yendall to ask him about Milsig and the M17.

Aaron can you give us a brief history of Milsig?
MISLIG Direct was formed in 2013 to handle the needs of the growing MagFed market and to be the US Distributor for the MILSIG product line. MILSIG is the oldest and most widely recognized manufacturer of MagFed paintball products in the world.

m17-029383Can you give us a few nuggets about your new products? What is unique about them? What are the features?
All M17s feature a mechanical fully automatic operating system with a 3 position selector switch. The CQC features a polymer construction and a $300 price point. The XDC and DMR feature CNC aluminum construction as well as having rifled barrels and many other accessories.  The NODE regulator features a pin valveless design using a twist on off and de-gasses the gun automatically when shut off. The 18 round magazine will feed both First Strike rounds and paintballs.

How did the Paintball Extravaganza go for you?
Very well. We are excited to see all the companies moving into the MagFed market. We strongly believe that through MagFed we can introduce an economically viable new addition to the game of paintball that is not based on ever increasing paint consumption.

m17-7 477474What are your best selling products and why?
The M17 CQC has exceeded our wildest expectations. The combination of lightweight, full-auto, First Strike capability, and a $300 price tag have really struck a chord not only with existing MagFed players but tons of new players as well.

Anything new in the works that you can tell us about?
MILSIG is currently working on a folding air-through stock as well as a tank adapter the FXR carbine kit they make for the Tippmann TiPX and Tiberius T8.1 pistols.