Azodin 90 Macroline Elbow

azodinMost everyone in paintball knows Azodin for their excellent line of markers. And for good reason–their Kaos, Blitz, Blitz Evo and ATS are some of the best markers in their respective price ranges. But there’s so much more to Azodin than their marker line. They’ve recently release a new line of one and two-piece barrels, a marker stand and their product line includes aluminum tanks, of/off  ASA’s, inline regulators, parts kits, barrel covers and their latest accessory, the Azodin 90 Macroline Elbow. This stylish looking anodized 90 Macroline Elbow (for use with Macroline hose) has an easy to use push in and lock system, swivels 90 degrees,  is 1/8″ NPT thread and fits all Azodin On/Off ASA  and inline regulators. Check it out HERE.

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