30 New Products in 30 Days #4: Mac/Dev Cyborg 6

MacDev has been in the game of paintball for 19 years, making parts, accessories, apparel and of course, their hugely popular Drone and Cyborg marker lines. But the company has been around much longer than that, getting their start in 1969 in Sydney, Australia.

The Cyborg 6
Cyborg 6 red-black-black.resized And unless you’ve been living in a cave somewhere or just heard of the game of paintball yesterday, you have probably seen the incredible amount of buildup regarding the release of the new MacDev Cyborg 6.

Well folks, here it is in all of its glory… and we do mean glory. This shiny new Cyborg 6 is jam-packed with new features and it looks like it’s going to be all that one could have hoped for.

Cyborg 6 gold-silver-white.resizedThe Cyborg 6 is a powerful, feature rich poppet valve marker. Its intelligent electronics will ensure the discerning player will get the most out of this smooth shooting, efficient and elegant design with many industry firsts in technology:. Key features are:

  • Comfortable rubber grip sections on the foregrip and barrel
    Improved, super smooth trigger
  • Digital pressure readouts for both regulators in the gun, to allow for precision gun tuning
  • Full featured, colour OLED programmable board with USB interface
    Quick disconnect frame design – frame can be removed without unplugging any cables
  • Soft turn venting ASA, turn on or off without effort.
    Shift 2 barrel system included.
    Cartridge style tool-less removable drivetrain.

Interview With Bourke Grundy of Mac/Dev

Can you give us a brief history of your company?
MacDev was started in 1969 in Sydney, as an engineering solutions company. The business prospered supplying problem solving solutions to government infrastructure, military, aviation and university research. In 1995 MacDev began designing solutions for paintball air systems, and designing parts for increased marker performance. In 2003, MacDev assembled all of these upgrades into the first completely MacDev manufactured gun, the Cyborg. Since that time, MacDev have expanded the range to a number of paintball guns and barrels.

Cyborg 6 red-black-black.resizedWhen approached in 1995 to develop parts for paintball, or designers went to the field and began playing. As everyone knows, once you start playing, its an adrenaline rush you cannot set aside. MacDev designers James and Bourke joined the pro circuit in Australia playing at the highest level between 2001 and 2007.

What was the best part of teh PBX for you?
We presented the Cyborg 6 prototype at the Extravaganza, which has allowed us to communicate directly with dealers and receive their overwhelmingly positive feedback. It was a great opportunity for our USA based sales team to present our philosophy to the dealers and help them to understand our company. This was absolutely crucial, because the Cyborg 6 is so jam packed with new and innovative features, it must be demonstrated in person to be fully appreciated.

Cyborg 6 aqua-silver-white.resizedAnything new in the works that you can tell us about?
The Cyborg 6 is as new as it gets, and the Shift 2 barrel will also be out soon. Our research department do not really like talking about what is coming up though, because we feel that the best products are those that we develop in our own time. However, MacDev has one of the most active research and development departments in the industry so you can bank on new, innovative products at a steady rate.

What are your goals for 2014 and beyond?
In 2014, our goal is to prove to our customers that through our San Francisco based office, we can provide a superior level of service for the world’s largest paintball market – the United States. We have a long term goal to achieve the market recognition in the USA that we already enjoy in Australia and Europe.

Anything else you’d like to add?
One thing that we think people should understand about MacDev, is that it is a technology based company. More resources are pushed into research and development than any other area of the company. You can see this in the company footprint of advertising and team sponsorship, it’s quite low compared to other companies. However, if you want to own a product that has been carefully engineered, and designed for the enjoyment of use on the paintball field, you should consider a MacDev product.


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