30 New Products in 30 Days, #3: Paintball Tournament Manager

_I7A0665psOne of the things I love about the Paintball Extravaganza is that I get to see not only a huge number of new products. I get to meet many of the people that created them — and I get to experience the love for the game and for their products first hand.

One such person I met for the first time at this year’s event was Uldis Berzins of PBResults, who was on hand to show his new Paintball Tournament Manager software and hardware. Uldis game me the quick rundown of the product, which is very impressive. The Tournament Manager system consists of an awesome game manager software and all the hardware you need to run any type of event. From the scoreboard to the buzzers, to cases, stands and more…

Here’s is a quick interview I did with Uldis shortly after the event.

Uldis, where is PBResults located?
We are from Latvia. Do you know where that is?

_I7A0562Yes, I do. I have a friend that lived there for many years.
What is your company’s history? Tell us about that.
We originally had started a paintball equipment company that was also participating in organizing paintball tournaments for schools, Latvian tactical Paintball League, National Paintball League as well as organized Baltic Sea Cupments as well as ((judges)). We started the project in 2012 and we presented our drafts to Millennium Series in fall of 2012 which led to testing the system on Baltic Sea Cup Series and later – Millennium Series making various improvements and finally officially launching it in January of 2014.

How did you get started in the game?
We’ve started the paintball company originally in 1998 as a practice for our military. Shortly after that the paintball has gained popularity and we opened recreational paintball, and following the great demand we opened the equipment store.

_I7A9033How is paintball doing in Latvia?
Paintball is slowly recovering after the recession and we hold tournaments regularly now. For example we have student tournaments and Tactical League. The Latvian Paintball Federation is actively promoting the sport including recreational paintball.

Do you play?
I play on Instinct Gemoss Team in Millennium Series at the First Level of Semi-professional SEM League, Division One. I’m very proud of the Latvian team – we placed second in the European Nation’s Cup where only the best teams per country participate. Latvia is a small country with a populations of only 2.2 million people and such achievement makes me proud! I’m a President of Latvian Paintball Federation and I’m in charge of organizing all of the Paintball activities in Latvia as well as in Baltic Countries.

How did the show (PBX) go for you?
The Paintball Extravaganza  was a success! We were very excited about the opportunity to participate in Paintball Extravaganza. It was a fantastic opportunity to present our technology and introduce it to the new market. We were very pleased to see how many different companies from all over the world were interested in the Paintball Tournament Management. We got a lot of great feedback and had an opportunity to better understand the needs of current Paintball Market.

Your software looks really well designed and really well thought-out.  Can you give a brief description of what it offers?
Our software consist of a Basic Version that allows generating different setting for tournaments with different divisions, and of Tournament Software that allows for Companies to plan tournaments and plan the broadcasting.


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