Some Great New Paintball Products

Remote Ignition System (Mark 4)
electric_fire_remote_ignition_system_mark_4_1The boys at Sport Smoke are at it again, creating another gem. The new Sport Smoke “Electric Fire” Remote Ignition System Mark 4 (EF-RIS4) is a wireless programmable firing system designed to control Sport Smoke Electric Fire Smoke Grenades from long distances. The Remote Ignition System gives the operator the ability to simultaneously or individually detonate multiple smoke grenades in multiple locations across a playing field.

The EF-RIS features a 600+ foot range and individual Field Module (Receiver) control from one compact Remote Detonator. The EF-RIS comes in a virtually indestructible, waterproof and airtight hard case built to withstand the most extreme conditions. The hard case features easily customizable pick-n-pluck style foam and is large enough to add additional Field Modules or your favorite Sport Smoke Electric Fire Smoke Grenades.

For more information on the Sport Smoke Remote Ignition System, please click here.

Morph Fire for the Ego/Etek
morphfireetekMaybe you’ve seen the Morph Fire converter kits at Oklahoma D-Day? Or maybe you’ve seen them at the Paintball Extravaganza… or maybe at Or maybe you haven’t seen them anywhere. Well it’s time to get out and have some fun! Morph Fire converters turn your paintball gun into a powerful 600 fps 6mm BB machine gun. They convert in less than 60 seconds, works with nitrogen, CO2 or compressed air, is made from monster-strong, long-strand glass-infused urethane and works in any weather conditions. Check out the new Planet Eclipse Converter kit, or any of the others at

Planet Eclipse Geo 3.5
geo3.5When Planet Eclipse says their new Geo 3.5 is amazing we believe them. “Internally and externally the Geo3.5 utilizes the latest technologies developed by our engineers. The Electronics are fully adjustable via the on-board backlit LCD display and graphical user interface. Or if you prefer, with the optional ePortal kit you can connect the Geo3.5 to your laptop or home PC to adjust parameters, download latest versions of firmware or customize the graphics on the display. Mechanically, the Geo3.5 uses a Custom MAC solenoid valve system that drives the IVCore and controls the filling of the firing chamber. As with all other Geo3 versions the speed of the bolt is externally adjustable via a dial on the trigger guard. Selecting a slower bolt speed reduces shot signature and recoil resulting in a soft, quiet shot; where a higher bolt speed will allow devastating rates of fire. The Geo3.5 offers both these options and an infinite range between.” Sounds great, right? But wait, there’s more.

“The Geo3.5 is all about giving the user control. For example, there are magnetic and leaf spring trigger return mechanisms as well as micro switch and optical trigger sensing circuits to choose from. Both an all-metal multi-ported bolt and the latest full rubber-tipped anti-rollback bolt are included with the marker. With so many choices available as standard the user can quickly and easily tailor the feel and performance of the Geo3.5 to their specific requirements and preferences.”

Click HERE to read the rest of the specs and features of the new Geo 3.5.

MacDev Rock Star Comfort T-Shirt
macdev shirtWhile we wait on MacDev’s Cyborg 6 marker to arrive we thought we’d give you a first look at their new Rock Star Comfort T-Shirt. Made from lightweight, comfortable, wicking material, this fully sublimated t-shirt may be worn under your jersey, after playing, or anywhere and whenever you like. The Rock Star Comfort shirt is available in a whopping six sizes, from small to XXXL.

For more on MacDev’s entire product line go to


Bob Long’s REPTILE Marker!

reptileFrom the designer of the most custom milled paintball markers on the planet comes the brand new Reptile from BLAST. We have finally made gun worthy to stand beside the Ripper, Species and Dragon.

This will truly be the most custom designed and milled marker made by us or anyone to date. You have a choice of literally any solid color combinations.

Each Reptile gun comes with:
two motors
two back caps
three barrels
gun bag
custom table mat

This gun is on the VIS platform and was originally drawn by a famous Italian custom car designer.

There will only be 500 made with engraved serial numbers. The first from 1 to 20 will be retail only then the rest will be sold retail and wholesale. Get your order in and now if you’re looking for a low number.

Serial number 000 will be sold to the highest bidder, so let us know right away if you want it.

The gun is on the machine right now. I know you’re all waiting for something super custom and this is it. We expect product on our shelf in only one to two weeks.

Photos coming soon!

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TGR36 Series from Honorcore

c-TGR36-RAS-POSTERIntroducing the TGR36 Series, the latest evolution of the flagship TGR2 MK2 platform, one of the most air-efficient magfed markers in the world (170+ rounds w/ 13ci Tank@3000psi), fastest tooless take down (30sec), super easy to maintain (4 orings without any screws). With 3 different models to choose from (TGR36C, E, & K), the TGR36 Series has effectively expanded the selection and customization of the TGR2 platform to another level.

Sport Smoke Photo Challenge – Enter Now

10492122_790268781005435_31271841713484826_nSubmit your best action shot of you or your team using Sport Smoke for a chance to win over $200 in Sport Smoke products! We will be awarding the TOP THREE entries this year so don’t miss out! Entries will be accepted until the end of July at which point we will post the finalists on our Facebook page and let you vote for the winner!

Enter at

Another new marker on the horizon, The Zealot

10469139_815683765131536_3972354988117357993_oSpecs originally posted at the Catshack Reports…

The Zealot


- Tool-free bolt removal and cleaning; only one component requires regular maintenance
- single bore, balanced spool valve bolt
- 100% user-serviceable internal O-rings and seals; no custom seals are used throughout the marker
- customizable volumizing foregrip

- Adjustable bolt speed control (dampening)
- internally-routed air supply with self-aligning pressure couplings
- pressure-balanced pneumatics within the LPR
- dual temperature-compensated pressure transducers for both the LPR and dump valve
- 96×64 pixel OLED display screen, board speaker, and multicolor LED for quick marker status
- micro-USB computer interface for settings adjustment, custom features, and at-home board updates
- backwards-compatible with traditional foregrip regulators and ASAs
- auto-bleed tank pin on/off lever
- hourglass frame ergonomics
- spring-loaded, angled detents
- trigger features externally adjustable pre-travel, post-travel, firing point, and pull tension
- concealed double roller bearing trigger pivot
- boss-latch style low-rise feedneck (feedneck compatible with Empire, J4, Nummech)
- no wiring harness
- game Timer


- Multi-sensor bolt tracking system
- autonomous firing adjustment – all settings have been eliminated

- FSDO has been eliminated
- automatically compensating marker operation irrespective of weather conditions, over lubrication, under lubrication, bolt splatter slowdown, temporal distortions, etc.
- multiple performance feedback modules – cleaning/maintenance monitoring, loader speed monitoring, bolt speed dampening setup, true regulator performance, others

- Most powerful electronics ever used in paintball

New Azodin AZ one & two piece Carbon Aluminum Barrels

azodin-barrels1Following the success of our AZ Carbon barrel, Azodin team took a step further to develop the carbon barrel to a new level of competition.

Combining the lightweight of Carbon Fiber and the reliability of Aluminum Alloy, AZ Carbon barrel is now a superb composition of the elements as one. Aluminum core provides smooth and harden surface to fix our customers’ craving for the shots consistency, as well as the worry free of internal surface damage while cleaning with swabs.

The barrel went through a precise honing process to achieve a shiny finish and features with the “Back to Tip” alignment for increased accuracy that you can only expect from the higher end barrels.

Azodin goes beyond its limitation once again to offer product at an affordable price without compromising the quality and standard.

The re-engineered barrel porting sequence provides lower shot-spread and quieter sound signature.

Our AZ Two Piece Carbon barrel is also interchangeable with AZ Two Piece Aluminum barrels.

Available in Autococker threads.

14” and 16” lengths
Bore Size .689

Two piece:
14” length
Bore Sizes .687 and .689
Interchangeable with AZ Two Piece Aluminum barrels

Available colors:
Black, Grey, Blue, Green, Red.

14” One Piece – 2.86oz/ 81g
16” One Piece – 3.21oz/ 91g
14” Two Piece – 3.10oz/ 88g