New Azodin AZ one & two piece Carbon Aluminum Barrels

azodin-barrels1Following the success of our AZ Carbon barrel, Azodin team took a step further to develop the carbon barrel to a new level of competition.

Combining the lightweight of Carbon Fiber and the reliability of Aluminum Alloy, AZ Carbon barrel is now a superb composition of the elements as one. Aluminum core provides smooth and harden surface to fix our customers’ craving for the shots consistency, as well as the worry free of internal surface damage while cleaning with swabs.

The barrel went through a precise honing process to achieve a shiny finish and features with the “Back to Tip” alignment for increased accuracy that you can only expect from the higher end barrels.

Azodin goes beyond its limitation once again to offer product at an affordable price without compromising the quality and standard.

The re-engineered barrel porting sequence provides lower shot-spread and quieter sound signature.

Our AZ Two Piece Carbon barrel is also interchangeable with AZ Two Piece Aluminum barrels.

Available in Autococker threads.

14” and 16” lengths
Bore Size .689

Two piece:
14” length
Bore Sizes .687 and .689
Interchangeable with AZ Two Piece Aluminum barrels

Available colors:
Black, Grey, Blue, Green, Red.

14” One Piece – 2.86oz/ 81g
16” One Piece – 3.21oz/ 91g
14” Two Piece – 3.10oz/ 88g

PB Results Tournament Software News

pb-press-releasePB Results is proud to announce release of new Tournament software version for organizers of tournaments in July of this year. Newest product is an unique opportunity to gain tournament management and self service results online broadcasting software which has no limits in size of tournament!

This new and innovative system gives irreplaceable help to tournament organizers in
planning of a tournament, result summarization and online broadcasting of the tournament to spectators. Tournament version is accessible to each and every tournament organizer around the world and it is not dependent on equipment or scoreboard system used!
Newest version will be available for testing for two months in tournaments without any fee!

PSP Chicago Open Recap

865We’ll have hundreds of photos and the full story in the next edition of PaintballX3 Magazine (July 15).

Although they placed in the top 4 at every PSP event last year, Edmonton Impact had not actually won a PSP event since the March 2010 Phoenix Open four years ago.   Several unexpected roster changes in the off-season left many wondering if Edmonton Impact would continue to be a top performing team, or would need a season to re-group.  The roster changes, the relentless Chicago weather, the history of coming so close but not securing the win – nothing could hold Edmonton Impact back from conquering Houston Heat in the finals to win the 2014 PSP Chicago Open.  Congratulations to a very deserving team on a highly anticipated victory!

Moscow Art Chaos and Houston VcK were able to top the Challengers Division and are moving up to the Professional Champions Division starting with the West Coast Open in Riverside, California August 8 – 10, 2014.  On the flip side, proving no one is safe from relegation, 2013 World Cup Champions San Antonio X-Factor as well as Chicago Aftershock will be relegated down to the Pro Challengers Division for the PSP West Coast Open.  Challenger teams must finish in the top two at the PSP West Coast Open to be eligible to compete in the PSP Champions Division at World Cup.

The stakes are just as high for the Pro Champions in the West Coast Open however as the bottom two finishers in their division at the West Coast Open will not be able to compete in the Champions Division at World Cup.  You can watch the drama unfold from the grandstands at the Riverside event August 8 – 10 or live online through’s webcast.

180 teams from around the world competed in nine divisions of the PSP Chicago Open at CPX Sports Park in Joliet, Illinois last weekend.  We would like to thank the staff of CPX Sports Park, our wonderful sponsors and vendors, the tireless efforts from our crew, referees and staff as well as the many fans who braved the weather to watch the best paintball teams in the world compete against each other.  We look forward to seeing each of you at the upcoming PSP West Coast Open held in Riverside, California August 8 – 10, 2014!

Congratulations to the 2014 PSP Chicago Open Podium Finishers in each division: Continue reading