Bunkerkings and Virtue United in Sales, Marketing and Distribution Partnership

First seen at PbNation.com: Two iconic paintball companies from New York are joining forces. In an agreement announced today, Bunkerkings has teamed up with Virtue to bring the best harness, along with the entire Bunkerkings product line-up to Virtue dealers, players, and teams.

“Bunkerkings is a name that has a history in the sport where the BK brand really transcends any individual product,” said Chris Williams, Vice President of Virtue Paintball, “However, when we saw how nicely the Supreme Pack worked with our Press Flick Pods we knew the design team at BK had innovated something really special.”

“Virtue is a great company that I have a long history with since way back in the day on NYX and Russian Legion,” said Alex Lundqvist Co-Founder of Bunkerkings, “We’re both based in New York, and our product lines are perfectly complementary. The best loader and goggle, meet the best pack and playing gear. And now with Virtue’s agreement with MacDev, we have the best guns in the mix. It’s great to see three top-tier names in the industry cooperating.”

In addition to cooperation on sales, marketing, and distribution, Bunkerkings are a key sponsor of Tampa Bay Damage, whose future was in question earlier this year until Virtue stepped in to keep the team going, with the help of MacDev, Bunker Kings and WickedSports.com. Damage will not only be using Bunker King harnesses and playing gear, but will also be debuting the new line of BK Jerseys, gloves, and more. Continue reading

Tom Cole Steps Down From PSP

tom_ColeFrom Tom Cole: It is with sincere regret that I would like to announce that I will be stepping down as General Manager of the PSP. I feel it is in my best interest to focus more of my time on advancing the UWL and building on the tremendous growth it has had over the past few years. I would like to thank the PSP Staff for the past three years of service. I have had some great experiences and built some lifelong friendships.

My goal has always been to bring to all of you the most amazing events possible, and I believe this change will allow myself the continued opportunity to do that. The paintball landscape is constantly evolving and it is not always in the fashion that we wish. I have nothing but respect for all the people that make the PSP happen. I wish them all the best of luck in the future, and hope that we can all work together to continue to help the sport of paintball grow in a positive manner. I am looking forward to what the future holds.

MacDev & Virtue Paintball Form Partnership

VirtueMacDevPR-PostVirtue and MacDev announced a joint partnership today which will transform the gun market by bringing high-end paintball guns to Virtue Paintball. The alliance brings together long time manufacturer MacDev with Virtue Paintball, the leader in goggle and loader technology.

The Paintball Extravaganza at the end of February will officially kick off the new relationship, with the launch and display of several new models. Virtue will integrate the MacDev gun line-up into its product line offered to dealers and teams, as well as offering support and sales of the new line-up at all the PSP and scenario events attended by Virtue. In 2015, Virtue will be offering players the choice of the new MacDev Clone 5, Drone 2, and Cyborg 6.

“You might say Virtue is obsessed with providing choice to the players. You can use the compact, but a high capacity loader like the Spire 260, or use the even smaller Spire 200, that still holds more paint than its competitors. The new Contour and Extend VIO goggle systems follow the same philosophy, as not every player has the same size face,” said Virtue President Mike Newman, “All that has been missing from Virtue, was not just a gun, but a full range of guns.”

“We have been manufacturing paintball products for over 20 years, and this new agreement between Virtue and MacDev is perfectly complementary; the best loader and goggle, meet the best guns,” said Bourke Grundy, product development manager at MacDev.

“MacDev have always had a loyal following, yet lacked the infrastructure to make the full impact on the market their products deserve,” said Nick Truter, Virtue’s European Director of Sales and Marketing, “This new partnership with Virtue unites some of the most talented personnel within the industry, allowing us to collectively raise the bar when it comes to servicing and satisfying our customers’ needs.”

Unlike other gun manufacturers who outsource production, MacDev has direct, full control over the manufacturing process right down to producing their own solenoid in house. Other companies buy off the shelf solenoids or outsource the production, which leads to both supply chain issues, and even worse introduces inconsistencies into the line.

“No one else can match the fact that every machined part, even the solenoid is produced in-house,” said Dianne King, President of MacDev, “All that has been missing is the right partner who can bring a level of sales, service and support equal to that of our production capabilities. Virtue is that company.”

“MacDev has a long and storied history as one of the oldest companies in the paintball industry, but because of their separation from the main paintball market in North America, MacDev has never really been able to gain a strong foothold as one of the leading gun brands in the USA. This partnership sets the stage to change that,” said Chris Williams, Vice President of Virtue Paintball.

The scope of the agreement initially covers North and South America, and dealers with existing relationships will not be affected as MacDev will continue operating directly with those companies as usual. In addition to collaboration between MacDev and Virtue on product development, this new partnership means increased support, faster response times, as well as better sales and marketing. Continue reading

Tampa Bay Damage is Done

From PbNation…

Tampa_Bay_Damage“It is with a sad heart that I announce to you today the end of a legacy. World Cup 2014 was the last tournament ever played by Tampa Bay Damage. We want to thank our fans and our sponsors for their support over the last nine years. And we would like to thank everyone who has ever been a part of our family since our inception.”

Tampa Bay Damage