PSP is Now Bring Your Own Paint

PSP logoIn the past the PSP had limited the amount of paint sponsors at our events in order to preserve the quality of the product being sold to our customers. Knowing how difficult and capital extensive it is to produce quality paint, we put policies in place that ensured the paint available was of proven quality and consistency. After listening to the concerns of the players who feel they should have more choices with paint suppliers, and based on a situation that was brought to our attention at the Dallas Open, we now feel it is necessary to allow as many paint options as possible at our events and to give players absolute freedom to pick the product they want to shoot.

Making paintballs is an art, and the manufacturers always try to bring the very best product to our events, but inevitably there is a varying level of break-ability between the brands given certain climate conditions, which are impossible to control. Since the PSP’s highest priority is to maintain the competitive balance, it makes sense to enable our players and teams to have more choices when it comes to paint. Moving forward we will not only be accepting more paint companies, but our players and teams will be able to bring their own paint as long as that paint meets the rule requirements (non staining, yellow fill).

Lane Wright, Interim CEO, says, “With a new management perspective, and after hearing of a situation in Dallas between a competitor and a paint vendor, we will make the change back to being a BYOP series.

Obviously there will be some restrictions on paint colors, sizes, etc., but essentially we are allowing teams to bring the paint of their choice to the events regardless of sponsorship. Vendors will absolutely still be allowed to sell paint on site and a new paint sponsorship package will be put together and sent out to prospective sponsors.

I would hope that teams and players would respect the support that future paint sponsors are showing when they choose to sponsor our tournament paintball events, but, as a rule, we will allow teams to bring in paint from off site sources if that is their choice.”

2015 PSP BYOP Paint Requirements:

*Yellow Fill Required

*Non-Staining Fill Required

*Must meet ASTM Standards – .68 Caliber, Weight less than 3.5 grams

National Xball League (NXL) Introduces Tom Cole as President

10405404_640327362739827_2363521182821267527_nMarch 18, 2015 – Yesterday’s announcement of a new national circuit, the National Xball League (NXL), rocked tournament paintball. Today, the league is pleased to introduce Tom Cole, one of paintball’s most experienced and respected tournament operators, as President of the NXL.

Cole is known within the industry from his years running the Bad Company paintball team and store, as Director of Sales for Kingman International, former President of the National Professional Paintball League, former General Manager of the PSP and current Commissioner of the Ultimate Woodsball League. Highly respected within the paintball world, Cole was an easy choice as President given his comprehension of what the players want, what the industry needs and how to run a successful circuit.

Bart Yachimec of Edmonton Impact whole-heartedly endorses Tom Cole as President of the NXL. Yachimec described Cole as “a class act” and added that “in my years of working with Tom Cole, I have always been impressed by his character and integrity. The players and coaches respect his judgement and trust that he keeps the best of our interests in mind with each decision he makes. He brings great value to and is the perfect leader for this new professional league, the NXL.”

Cole has already began building a team of paintball’s most qualified leaders to join him in operating the NXL. If you would like to connect with Tom regarding joining the NXL, please email

What a Day in Tournament Paintball

Dave “Youngblood” Dehaan stepped down from the PSP and the NXL is back.

National XBall League – It’s time for a new day in tournament paintball.

55089b894d42dFor the past several weeks, the industry has been working together to develop a league where the players will have a voice. With the mindset that it is time to get back to what the players want and what is right for the industry, a group of respected paintball professionals have built a team to create a national tournament circuit that will send teams to places they want to play paintball, at an affordable rate in an exciting environment where the entire industry is welcome.

This industry backed, team supported and promoter ran circuit is the National Xball League (NXL).

In the days ahead, you will learn how the NXL will operate, how the games will be played, and most importantly, how you can be a part of it. It’s time. Time to successfully come together, celebrate the best in our sport, and show the world outside the netting how intense and amazing paintball is. It’s time for you to have a voice. It’s time for a new day. Join us for a fresh game of paintball.

From the PSP – PSP CEO to Become Full Time Position

Lawrenceville, Georgia – March 17, 2015.

Paintball Sports Promotions is pleased to announce the expansion of the PSP Chief Executive Officer position from a part-time to full-time position. With the position changing to full-time, Dave “Youngblood” DeHaan, longtime paintball player and founder and CEO of pioneering DYE Paintball as well as DYE Precision and recently acquired protective equipment manufacturer ProTec, is retiring as PSP CEO. Dave will be focusing full time on DYE & ProTec going forward.

PSP has been evaluating several full-time CEO candidates from within and outside the paintball industry and expects to expeditiously announce the final candidate. As a full-time employee, the new CEO will be solely focused on continuing the development of national-level paintball competition.

Lane Wright current COO of the PSP will take over current day-to-day operations until a new CEO is chosen.

PSP thanks Dave DeHaan for his years of leadership and service as CEO that have propelled Paintball Sports Promotions to becoming the most successful paintball league in paintball history, delivering both players and fans worldwide the best paintball competition available. While opening up the CEO position for a full-time candidate, PSP will continue to benefit from his insights as one of the members of the PSP Board of Directors.

Millennium Series REVOLUTION

10996522_914053488624912_108074359379271041_nRevolution is evolution and all things must go through continuous evolution to survive, this is as true in our sport as in all things. It has been clear to all at The Millennium and the entire wider industry that the sport of paintball needs to adapt to bring back a greater skill element and more enjoyable playing experience.

Our solution will be exhibited on the CPL field in Puget as a tournament between four of the World’s top teams. The rest of the event will remain on the traditional format until 2016.

Why change? What’s wrong with Tournament Paintball?

The game has evolved to a point where the need to fire vast amounts of paint is becoming the norm. This is leading to a lower reward for skilful play, increasing team budgets at a time where recover from the financial crisis is slow & an experience which is often becoming a negative to attract new players.

The Millennium has been listening to player comments and feedback as well as those of the industry & has wrestled with finding a simple & effective solution without taking anything away from what’s great about our sport

Many parts of the current format are very good with the Millennium’s original Race 2 concept being adopted world-wide. One of the reasons that Race2 was a success is the ability to easily adapt the format to players with different skill levels & budgets by simply changing the number of points played. We see no point or reason in changing this successful format, which has also made this an exciting sport to watch as a spectator, which has not been the case for many years.

Like other sports that involve continuous participation costs & equipment evolution, we must all remain relevant to the vast majority of grass roots players and the real world.

The Solution: M(500)

Using the current Race2 format but adding a limited number of paintballs per player per point. This number can be changed over time or by the player level/budget to achieve the best results for all. Our initial research leads us to believe that for The Millennium, this number works best at 500 balls/player/point.

How does it work?

Each player can access the field for each point with 1 loader (220 paint loaders) and 2 140 round paintballs pods.
Before starting each point at the start base, players can switch pods between teammates. The game is then played using the normal Race2 format.

It’s as simple as that.

PaintballX3 Magazine & Catshack Media Partnership

cshackx3Occoquan, VA: PaintballX3 Magazine is proud to announce a media partnership with Catshack Reports Photography and Video. Catshack will provide coverage for PaintballX3 Magazine of SuperGame 48, Blast Camp’s Red Strike game and more. “Media cross-promotion between companies like ours and Catshack Reports is one of the best ways to grow the game and expand our reach. Combining resources allows us to reach more players, attend more games and provide the best multimedia experience possible for our readers,” John Amodea, President of PaintballX3 commented. “I look forward to working closely once again with PaintballX3 Magazine, and returning to my roots of paintball journalism and photography,” stated Catshack Reports,” Tom Tomcat Cunningham.